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Thursday, 16 February 2023


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I thought the title referred to the Spyder Cube as being old, not new! It was introduced in 2009.

[I just meant new as in current, that's all. As opposed to olden film B&W days. --Mike]

I imagine this thing works fine.

OTOH, it's far more expensive than the WhiBal White Balance Pocket Card and far more awkward to carry. I always have one with me, in a CC envelope in my wallet.

And that's the crucial difference, always with me vs. the need to determine each time I am out with a camera whether to take an extra, lumpy thingie along.

I gather that the current version is not solid, neutral gray all the way through. I have a couple of the old ones, but it seems the new ones work as well, perhaps absent sharp edged violence.

Another vote for WhiBal cards. They work well.

I tried a Spyder Cube back when the original marketing blitz hit, but was underwhelmed. Quite apart from the inconvenience, it wanted to squeeze your image into some abstract theoretical tonal range, which didn't always fit the actual real-world subject all that well.

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