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Thursday, 09 February 2023


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You could have brought it back to topic by taking a picture of your socks.

Wonderful post. Your social excursions remind me of the great interview I heard today with Sheila Liming, The Revolution Will Not Be Scheduled. She talks about the radical value and lost art of hanging out with others.


Thanks for sharing Andy White’s description of Katherine’s painful writing process. I feel much of the same agony when writing for my work, while a letter (or email/text in the current world) to a friend or relative flows so much more freely. I think it’s due to the intimate knowledge of the audience when writing to an individual I know compared to a much broader audience when writing for work or even commenting here. You and the TOP commentariat set a very high bar!

Mike, so glad to hear your health is improving/ improved and yes I’m sure your friends, relatives, and faithful followers of your wonderful site are genuinely happy. Your talent with writing and story telling will make your volunteer activity easy and hopefully rewarding. I visit your site every morning as part of my daily routine, regardless of topic. Keep us all informed, enlightened, amused, educated as long as you can and are willing.
Best Regards.

Congrats, celebratory noises and thanks for your improved health!

"The great open secret of all spiritual programs and systems that is that trying to help someone other than ourselves is actually a sure path to our own happiness."

There are significant belief systems that disagree. They posit that effective help of other first requires helping ourselves.

Some go further, believing that efforts to cure ourselves by curing others tend to actually harm our targets; these failures then reflect back to keep us unhappy.

Way too brief, incomplete, needs a book or three, mentioned only because I disagree with an overly broad, and thus inaccurate, generality. I was actually sort of shocked when I read it.

"It's always been right there out in the open"

I tend to think of the teachings, books, lectures workshops of Pema Chodron, as one example, as out there in the open. You may not. Not my favorite, but, I think, out in the open.

I'm surprised you didn't mention Andy aka E.B. White's collaboration with William Strunk, Jr. on The Elements of Style. Frequently mistaken for a grammar/usage guide, they insist it is for style usage which may run counter to agreed usage rules.

And don't get me started on how Peter Mark Roget would feel about how the thesaurus is misused.


So glad to hear so much is improving so fast!

I think it’s a picture of Kirk Tuck’s wife Belinda, in an ealier life 😊

You served up a lot to think about, to savor, to motivate, and inform today. I particularly liked the 'elbow" sentence, but I'll set aside several other segments for re-visiting later, too. I enjoy reading literate writing whether it's a crafted essay, book introduction, reminiscence, or just a personal update in an email to a friend. I'm glad to hear you're sorting out your health concerns and feeling better. (I'll investigate the wellow socks.) And, while I came to TOP as an AdAm I regularly share the OT stuff with my professor daughter down in Alfred. Be well.

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