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Tuesday, 14 February 2023


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The Dutch movie would have been about average, until they shot the scene of the boy in the basement developing a film. Just buying that one roll of film broke the bank!

I often can't make sense of the lighting and shadows in my own photos, but you should listen to the arguments 'proving' the lunar landing photos were faked!

PS- The most recent remake of All Quiet on the Western Front is just visually stunning- although you might not make it through that one either...

Thanks very much for the call-out of the Julian Ward doc. Mr. Ward is clearly a very practiced and skilled documentary / street photographer. I very much enjoyed watching this video and, right now, browsing more of his work at his web site. It’s always so enjoyable to encounter new caches of good work by “new” people able to narrate tours of their own works.

Thanks for sharing the Julian Ward video. Enjoyed it. I agree that preserving the world as it is is a noble pursuit.

Both movies should be required watching. Think Ukraine.

Hi Mike, Belated congratulations on the grandkid! Also, well done on the recovery of your health!

Hope this isn't too far off-topic for this post (and I apologize if this has been covered on TOP before) but I was gobsmacked the other day to learn that there are photographs of veterans of the American Revolution who were still alive at the dawn of the technology!

Albumen portraits of six veterans were published in an 1864 book called "The Last Men of the Revolution", but photos of several others have been found since.



To long life and good health!

I read 2 books on the JFK assassination. I personally recommend that no one investigate this deep as it will make your head spin and in the end you will never be able to reach a conclusion. Too many possible players, connections and motives. Possible false flag twisted into something real. Same for RFK, MLK and JFK Jr. All water over the damn now but still very strange.

Thanks Mike. I just love these things you find. Another recent visually rich (made for TV) series is The English. It's a great story. It is violent but you should get through it OK

All Quiet on the Western Front. Why, oh why did they not just stick to the book, instead of changing it to what I suppose was meant to make it more "relevant", exciting, and in the process sentimentalizing it? We can't even blame Hollywood this time as it was not a US film. I thought the Dutch film was pretty good myself.

The one undeniable conclusion re: JFK assassination is that people love a conspiracy theory, and once they start down that rabbit hole, it’s nearly impossible for them to find their way out. No matter the evidence one shows that their theory won’t hold water, let alone stand up to scrutiny, they’ll either deny that evidence, or “Yeah, but…” their way down a different hole.

All one need do to see this currently is to observe (from a safe distance) the claim by some regarding the 2020 election.

What would be interesting is to understand WHY people are so enamored with conspiracy theories. And why, once invested in those theories, these individuals cannot and will not let them go.

SMH, as the young uns text…

[SMH mean "shaking my head," for those who aren't up on the lingo. I have to look it up EACH TIME.

Re the subject of your comment, Ernest, I fell for a conspiracy theory once, and I am grateful for that experience. It helped me understand how people can fall for them. It was also good for me to experience how hard it was to admit that I had been duped and was wrong; remaining stubbornly positive that I knew the truth was so much easier on my ego. --Mike]

I sent the Julian Ward link to my good friend in Paris who is “a French Kiwi” and grew up in Wellington. Her first comment was “ Gosh I know so many Wards from NZ”.

Which made me wonder if New Zealand hospitals have “Ward wards.”

I’ll see myself out.

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