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Thursday, 09 February 2023


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Congratulations, Mike, Xander & Kate!!

Oh Man!
Congratulations Grandpa!
That's the greatest feeling you will have this year.

"I've been called lots of names in my lifetime, but Grandpa is my favorite"

Congrats on your grandson, Mike! That's wonderful news. Here's hoping Xander is as good a father as you've been, and gets as much joy from his son as you have.

Best wishes to the growing family!

Congratulations! You must be so proud, what with your great story of raising Xander.

Good luck with the weather and CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a grandfather!

If it was a snow moon-induced labor then it's good that you got an excellent photo of it. Congratulations to you and your growing family.

Congratulations and best wishes to you all!

As a grandfather of some decades, I hope you get to spend lots of time with your grandson. I treasure any time I get to spend with my grandkids, and on the flip side, the time I got to spend with my grandparents are some of my best memories. These bonds are precious.

Wow? This is the internet Mike. It should be, OMG!!! WOW!!!

Hopefully you will soon share the joy by posting photos, in glorious black & white of course.


Terrific news, Michael! Congratulations to you and your family! Enjoy - as you know, the years pass too quickly and even the grandkids grow up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Congratulations to the new pappy!
And what a great new photo project is beginning for you…

Congratulations Grandpa Mike! Best wishes to you, Xander, Kate and the wee bairn.

Congratulations on the grandbaby Mike. Huge milestone for you and your family.

Congratulations, Mike. I became a grandfather for the first time in September. It's causing us to move to help with child care. Change is good!


Congratulations to Kate, Xander and you! As I like to say, being a grandfather is so satisfying that if I had known how good it was I would have skipped kids and gone straight to grandkids! Lol

Congratulations, grandad!

And best of luck with the winds.

Congratulations to your family.

Congrats Mike! I'm happy for you. Also, glad you are feeling better.

Congratulations, Mike (and Xander and Kate too!)

Congratulations! I little expected that I would become a grandfather a little better than 3 years ago when I was told I would be one for the first time as my son and daughter-in-law were both 40. But my grandson arrived in perfect form and has been a complete joy for both his parents, grandparents, and the rest of the family. Naturally, I decided to produce a photographic record of his first year. With contributions from and in collaboration with his mother (a very talented photographer), my partner, and his other grandfather, I produced a hardcover album far easier than I could ever do for my own son.

Such good news. You have figured out your health stuff just in time for all those Grandfather visits you will have to take. Your TOP readership is all smiles.

Time marches on, it seemed like just yesterday I was sitting at work, not wasting my time reading about your trials with your teenage son.

Congratulations and welcome to the club! You'll know you've achieved success as a grandparent when the parents report they're tired of hearing "But grandpa lets me!"...

Congratulations and good health to all four of you! I had just been wondering of late how things were going with the pregnancy. Glad to hear the good news!

Congrats, Pops!

Where I live we have a saying.
"Grandchildren are life's dessert".

Congratulations to you and your son and daughter in law. I have three grandchildren and another one due in June. I am lucky, as they live locally. It's great, I get to enjoy them and then give them back. Rent a kid!

Excellent timing. You took steps to likely extend your life, just in time to welcome a grandchild. Congrats!

Congratulations to you all!

(The mind reels thinking about what "photography" will mean in your grandchild's life.)

Many, many congrats!

And also thank you for the last post on Katherine White. The mother of my 6 month old has been looking for good reading and she is also planning our yard's gardens for the coming good weather.

Expect maybe to get lots of pictures from your
new grandson's parents. Phone cameras were made for these moments. My family gets to see every first mewl and every first puke, etc. of our little one, and they seem to love seeing these things, or at least kindly pretend to. It's a magical time.

Great news Mike. Congratulations to You, Xander & Kate.

:) contrats

So, you need to take a week or two off, and go visit! It's the grandfatherly thing to do. And take pictures. And gush. And wonder. And remember way back when ...

Go ahead, we'll let you. Gonna be your birthday soon, so consider it a gift.

Congratulations to all!

See, *this* is when people buy a new camera...

Congratulations, granddad!


Many congratulations. And I hope you avoid storm problems.

Congratulations Mike! What’s story you have to raise your son and now he’s a father too. Mission accomplished.


My congratulations too. I think that in some ways being a grandfather is a better experience than being a father.

Did you know that analogue photography is actually digital and digital is actually analogue? At the point of capture anyway. A photodiode is an analogue device and each silver halide crystal in film is either exposed or not.

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