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Thursday, 05 January 2023


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completely off topic. Found this today:

"When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W you photograph their souls" Ted Grant

Thought you might like it. Cheers from across the Atlantic. Andreas

Very annoying that your ISP (like most) persist in throttling back the upload speed. Really hopeless for cloud photo storage…

O.K., who was the cocaine king from Kalamazoo? Answer promised today in yesterday's column

[Can you see it? It was up when you left this comment. Perhaps you had an old version of the page open and weren't seeing the new edit. Try refreshing your page if you still aren't seeing it. --Mike

P.S. It's Tim Allen. I didn't recognize him from that picture, but a lot of other people did.]

I've been running an Orbi Mesh system for 7 1/2 years now, replacing it once to upgrade it to a higher-grade system to allow for higher bit-rate streaming quality.

We are on a one-acre lot with brick and tin roof buildings (notorious for interfering with wi-fi signals). Before installing the mesh system, I could not get a decent signal, even by using endless repeaters.

The Orbi system has a router and two satellites. It covers the entire property and all buildings inside and out with consistently high-speed signals.

Whenever there seems to be a problem, it is always with the incoming fibre optic signal and not the mesh system.

Welcome to the light side!

I’m impressed with that download speed! (Not so much the upload speed….) What’s your basic connection? fibre all the way? 5g cellular?

I solved the same problem nearly 10 years ago by getting some Ethernet installed, from the router downstairs & at the front of the house to a home office upstairs and through to the TV location at the far end of the house. The Wi-Fi reaches the other parts.More recently the installer told me that these days he’d recommend mesh rather than Ethernet cable.

[Not only do I not know what my basic connection is, I don't even know how to find out. --ig'nant Mike]

I'm still using the last model of TimeCapsule, plus other AirPorts as access points. In essence, they operate as a mesh system, whether they are truly, technically mesh. One reason I use some AirPort Express units is they have audio out, both wired mini-plug and optical through the same connection. That means I can stream music to audio/HiFi amplifiers in two locations other than my main, high end two-channel setup.

While Apple discontinued manufacture of the AirPort line, they still offer phone support. And used units in very good to excellent condition are pretty cheap.

You probably have 300MB service. Despite the bad press the ISPs )(deservedly), I find I find the downloads speeds for me are close to or occasionally better than promised.

I’ve been using a mesh network for many many years. In our embarrassingly large houses, I have six pucks scattered around and get great service elsewhere. Prior to the mesh, all of my prior repeater and extender solutions were not even mediocre.

We’re building a new house and I’ve pre-installed a five access point mesh system. I’ve also put Ethernet to all of the TV locations and my office, so the WiFi will be supporting mobile devices and all of the smart home devices (thermostats, doorbell cameras, etc). It should be great.

I used a pre-mesh fake mesh system for my village house. I have 4 and seems work ok. Just let them do the job. My initial attempt to … does not work well.

Those are fast speeds.

I didn’t know this device. It is amazing.
Thank you, Mike!

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