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Sunday, 15 January 2023


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Use that C-Pap, Mike. I have 20 years on you and I've been using mine since 2007. Both my wife and I sleep better. Also, I take Xeralto for AFIB. Thankfully, I'm in vigorous good health, but it's nothing to play around with.

You're fortunate that your machine was not recalled. Mine was and I've been waiting now for about two years for Phillips to ship the replacement. So far, I've been fine, but still...

FWIW: I have used a machine for sleep apnea since 1992. It took some time to get used to it, but I will tell anybody who will listen that using it and putting up with the hassle beats waking up dead...

With best regards,


I've forgotten where I came across the following information but thought you might find it interesting, if not useful.

Someone, whom I assume at this much later date is a medical doctor, wrote that a number people who have been diagnosed as having Sleep Apnea actually do not have it. He stated that many times the sufferer was one who sleeps on his back, and once trained to be a side sleeper had their problems disappear. One patient in particular used tape to attach a tennis ball to his back at night, making any attempt in his sleep to roll over onto his back enough to wake him up and change positions. Worked for him. Don't know if it might work for anyone else.

Be well, and shoot!

Take care of yourself Mike. We'll survive a couple of days without you, appreciate you even more.

It must be serious if it's driven you to speak of yourself in the third person. I don't know about the rest of your readership but I can tolerate it is you promise to take good care of yourself.

Well the upside is that the ladies just love the CPAP look, so there's that. Feel better, Mike.
(ResMed user since 2010)

For sleep apnea due to snoring, I've heard suggested on multiple podcasts by a professor and a doctor to try taping one's mouth with medical tape; for example, 3M Micropore Surgical Tape (https://www.amazon.com/Micropore-Tape-Dispenser-3M/dp/B01M5JPKTB). This is my current methodology when I remember to do it.

CPAP can be a lifesaver. It can take changing of the delivery system (mask/nose) to find the most comfortable system for you. I've been using CPAP for over twenty years and the only time I've had Afib since has been with poor fitting masks. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss any CPAP problems.

Mike -
A cardiac disgnosis that contained the word "probably" wouldn't work for me unless it was followed by next steps leading to a firm diagnosis. If this was constipation, then let's wait and see. What the docs refer to as watchful waiting. The consequences of getting this one wrong are non-trivial.

[I didn't want to go into all the details--that would be dull and pointless for most readers--but tests are ongoing; they're not just "leaving it at that." Thanks for all your advice and concern, though, John, I really appreciate it. --Mike]

Rest up and get well, man.

Don't give up on the CPAP. I was diagnosed with apnea 23 years ago following a sleep study and have been using a CPAP ever since. I've gone through 4 or 5 CPAP machines over that period, and each has been better than the last. It's improved my sleep quality and energy enormously.

I have had several friends and a brother who have had to use cpap machines. I understand that newer ones are less an obstacle to sleep. You might want to investigate what is currently available.

I weaned myself from the CPAP machine by losing 30 pounds.

Keep breathing!

@Bob Rosinsky
"I weaned myself from the CPAP machine by losing 30 pounds."

Oho! this is my plan, and so far I've lost nearly 40 lbs, down from 257. I estimate that to get to an ideal weight to I'll have to get rid of about 63 lbs in total; 4½ St in English.

Bob, if you don't mind me asking, are you now at your ideal weight?

"Bandbox" said exactly what I would have.
It's worth the initial adjustment period.
Along with my heart meds, I view it as a "keep alive" tool.

To all the major medical device companies out there and perhaps a few upstart innovative small ones, here’s a thought. Perhaps there is a medical implant or surgical procedure that would eliminate the need for CPAP contraption devices. I know many individuals that use them but they all seem like something out of a 1950’s sci fi movie. I’m sure sleeping with that device attached is a real uncomfortable situation. I have heard of some research by some medical companies years ago delving into such alternative methods. I think it would be a gold mine if it ever comes to market. Mike, I hope you get good news on your health, yeah sometimes with age comes health issues, all the best to you.

John, I don't know what brand of CPAP machine you have. Currently I think there are two brands available in the US: Philips Respironics and Resmed. I've used both and have developed a very strong dislike for the Respironics, while I find the ResMed tolerable. The Philips full face mask design is truly terrible -- uncomfortable and complicated straps. The ResMed design is better, with simpler straps. I have aFib and a bad lung and I'm twenty-five years older than you. Good luck with all the pleasures of getting older.

I'm sorry to hear about that very worrying episode you've been through, Mike.

Here's wishing you a rapid recovery and return to full good health!

I’ll join the chorus of CPAP evangelists. I hope you can find a way to make it work for you if your cardiologist and sleep specialist encourage that. My life has improved immensely since I got the machine about a year ago.

My wife has settled on the Aloha Nasal Pillow "mask" for her CPAP, very happy with it. https://www.thecpapshop.com/aloha-nasal-pillow-cpap-mask-with-headgear

I used a CPAP machine for a number of years and it did work. However, I was not very tolerant of it and after losing 30 pounds, on the advice of my sleep doctor, switched to dental device which holds my lower jaw forward and opens up my breathing much like the CPAP did. Took some getting used to, but have been using it for several years and it works. Might be something to discuss with your doctor.

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