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Wednesday, 04 January 2023


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I look forward to an AI that can discern whether or not we're interacting with another AI!

Got to be Tim Allen.

Tim Allen Dick

One definition of art. “The conscious use of the imagination in the production of objects intended to be contemplated or appreciated as beautiful, as in the arrangement of forms, sounds, or words.”

AI is not artificial to my thinking. I see it as human intelligence installed onto a chip. AI did not invent itself and at this point conscious imagination would disqualify AI from qualifying as an artist.

Oh! Does it make mistakes and create lemons as do we humans? If not yet another disqualification.

Tim Allen... I remember when he caught on in the Comedy world doing the "uug, uug..." grunt about "man stuff", which led to his sitcom where he basically personified that on stage machismo into a family guy. After he hit, then the pre-internet detectives found out about his record and put it out in the media. Saw this photo then. It didn't seem to hurt his career as much as his political bend which he says costs him work.

That’s Timothy Dick. Alias Tim Allen.

J’ai trouvé ça : ‘À partir d’aujourd’hui, la peinture est morte !’ (Paul Delaroche, 1839). I saw it quoted in the French digital photographic journal ‘l’Oeil de la photographie’.

Is that Tim Allen?

About the 'painting is dead' quote, read https://journals.openedition.org/etudesphotographiques/241 §14 (sorry, in french) : let's say that it is debated.

Tim Allen.

Comedian Tim Allen, born Tim Allen Dick. He doesn’t look too amused (or amusing) in that photo.

The "Mystery Man" was/is Tim Allen

That's too easy. Tim Allen. Only one of many reasons I hold him in disdain.

The mystery man is Tim Allen. Years ago, I worked a lot of Kalamazoo flights. I thought it'd be a great joke if there was a life-size cardboard cutout of Tim Allen in the Kalamazoo Airport Terminal, maybe Tim Allen holding a briefcase?

Looks like Tim Allen.

Tim Allen (Dick), of course.

Tim Allen

Mssr. Tim Allen.

Mystery Man IDed, but no spoiler.

Some things now clearer.

Tim Allen

"You’ve reached your limit of free articles. Already a subscriber? Log in."

Ten free articles total, not ten a month. I was once an N.Y. Times subscriber but grew tired of their political undertones. It may go unnoticed if you like their politics, but it isn't very pleasant if you are an independent thinker. I used to run advertisement copy to them when I worked in N.Y.C., but I no longer have any affiliation with them. They do/did have some nice photography offerings, but I will not financially support them, and my ten free articles blew by years ago. Too bad the New Yorker does not do more photography articles, as I am a subscriber.

The actor is Tim Allen, born Timothy Allen Dick. I knew the face but had to google the rest. It's funny how Allen's face is recognizable (to me), as I have never watched a T.V. show or movie with him in it. Oh, the power of marketing!

Thanks for the news. May all those that have passed, R.I.P.

Tim Allen,of course. I shot unit stills on the 2010 film he directed titled, “Crazy On The Outside”, a comedy about the struggles of a man just out of prison.

The Mystery Man looks like Geraldo Rivera. Started on NYC TV when I first saw him in "the way back."

Tim Allen

Re: photographers we lost in 2022. I guess I'm old and biased, but I think we shall never see the like of their work again. The photography world today is awash in "conceptual," art-school B.S. There are exceptions, of course; I'm thinking of Lynsey Addario among others.

Kirkland, Galella, Demarchelier, among the greats.
Uelsmann, I dislike his work.
The others I do not really know.

The mystery man is easily identified by Googling the details on the card but I’m none the wiser for having found his Wikipedia page :(

The mystery man is Tim Allen.

The coke runner is Tim Allen.

Tim Allen. Not really that funny as they go, at least IHO.

For those who might be interested, a documentary called Underfire: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro is streaming for free (with some commercials) at https://tubitv.com. I found it to be a well made and engaging portrait of the man and his work.

I would prefer Karsh's photograph of O'Keefe, simply because she's instantly recognizable in the photo. Funny how she just looks like any older woman in the photo of her and the slice of cheese. (Well, part of her "appearance" was her usual garb.)

Mr. Littlejohn was certainly successful and an important photographer in his time. According to the website briscoecenter.org, "the Littlejohn collection includes approximately 70,000 film negatives and 55,000 prints." I wasn't able to quickly find any information about the Plantation Printer that he invented. Maybe someone else had better luck. He also was instrumental in starting a black community newspaper in Fort Worth, Texas.

I think the photo and memorabilia for Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm should have been appraised higher than it was, especially with a signed print of a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph.

Rise of AI "art" - As long as money can be made, AI art is ripe for abuse. ("But policy makers, he says, need to get the rules right, "so nobody feels ripped off", and money isn't just siphoned off from artists and into the pockets of big corporations.") Oh, boy. Artists are in trouble!

"Mr Mostaque says that kind of unethical use "breaks the license terms"." And I'm sure he will hire a bunch of people to make sure such license-breaking will be prosecuted. (BTW, I've got a famous bridge for sale.)

". . . and other existing tools can also be abused, for example someone could use "Photoshop's merge tool to stick someone's head on a nude"." That is true. I don't recall many people being sued for making fake "not safe for work" photos though.

Man, I wouldn't have guessed that so many known photographers had passed away in 2022. I like your list of consolations at the end!

Thanks for that jam-packed post! Lots of interesting things to investigate.

Looks like Tim Allen aka Tim "The Toolman" Taylor.

That's Tim Allen.

Tim Allen?

Personally, don't care how "blue" or "filthy" a comedian is- just how funny, and insightful they are. Good comedians are incredible observers of human nature, and the best readily admit they are every bit as flawed as those they observe- it's what makes Pryor, Rock and Burr the geniuses they are! They're all too familiar with the human foibles they expose and ridicule. Could never stomach Howard Stern who always played to the lowest common denominator, in comedy and humanity.

I’m surprised to hear you found the Deco setup difficult. I have the much cheaper 3-unit Deco E4 which is limited to 100 Mbps and I just plugged them in following the instructions and it all worked.
You do seem to have a very low upload speed but maybe that’s normal in US.

I first heard about Tony Vaccaro in the excellent six-part series “Genius of Photography”. Vaccaro is in episode 3. Highly recommended, every single episode. The accompanying book is just as good.

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