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Friday, 20 January 2023


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A project page link might be of interest: http://www.michaelandpaula.com/mp/html/books_details.php?High-Plains-Farm-1996-11

I've always liked her work and went straight to the link to order this book, but alas I live in Australia and they can only be shipped within North America.
One very sad Aussie here...

All the best, Mark

[Yes, the shipping cost thing is an issue--for prints as well, and for that matter cameras too! I have never been able to buy a used camera from Australia because the shipping costs are just too high and "return privileges" are meaningless if you have to pay to ship it back. We got killed on shipping costs on our last print sale; they were very high across the board, not just to Australia. If you just want the book, the standard hardcover is available from The Book Depository, which includes free shipping worldwide. --Mike]

A couple of older videos (8 years, and one year, respectively) might prove useful for those not familiar with Paula (and Michael), and maybe even for some who are.



Sorta reminds me of Pentti Sammallahti.

I was able to spend a day with Paula and Michael some years ago during their visit to Chicago (which you might have helped arrange). She was a charming person, very supportive of Michael's work at the time. It's good to see her now getting some well-deserved spotlight on her own work.

I ordered the deluxe. I have a small collection of plains photography books, and the standard is quite high. One of my favorites is Steve Fitch's "Gone," which is about the way the great plains have simply been abandoned. It's almost the opposite of what I expect from the Chamlee book.

Several years ago some friends and I attended a workshop with Michael & Paula at a local college in Daytona, FL.. They were traveling to south Florida to see his mother; but spent several days with us in north Florida. Both the field work and the evenings spent in the darkroom were invigorating.
As to the book, the quality of the reproductions were near the quality of her original AZO prints.

Well you made me do it again. But you have never led me wrong.

I'm looking forward to this one.

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