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Sunday, 01 January 2023


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Good light? Bleh.

I wish all of us good flight of fancy.

Good Light and Good Pixals.

2023 will be year in which everyone knows that 1.5 degrees is gone (we know it is gone already in fact, see https://www.economist.com/interactive/briefing/2022/11/05/the-world-is-going-to-miss-the-totemic-1-5c-climate-target for reasonable summary, but people do not yet admit so): year in which young people and poor people finally know for certain how awful their future will be and how badly old people have treated them.

So no, 2023 will not be a good year. Probably now all the good years are in the past for all humans.

(1.5 degrees is not of course a hard limit: 1.4 is not OK and 1.6 is not catastrophic. But 1.5 is as good a place as any to draw the line. And in fact current trajectory is for perhaps 2.8, which is, without doubt, civilisation-ending.)

Just need to respond to people who say happy new year: we should not be happy, we should be extremely angry.

..."Good light and good negs." I guess now that would be "good light and good files,"...

It's both for me. I developed three rolls of film yesterday, and will print some digital captures soon. By the way, Mike, I've just adopted your practice of leaving a yellow filter on my film camera lens all the time. No longer will I risk dropping one of those expensive pieces of glass over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Might as well compose and focus the same way my film will "see."

You have a great New Year Mike. (After the last few we all deserve one)

You mentioned lenses as my new lens just arrived. A Tokina 100 2.8 Macro in a Canon EF mount. B&H has then discounted to $299. You can’t find a used one for that price. I plan on leaving it on my 6D for the next year. Not promising I won’t take the 8x10 out for a ride now and then but for the most part the above mentioned will be my OCOLOY rig.

Time to update the footer that appears beneath each post, including this one about 2023. It‘s still carrying a 2022 copyright date :-)

Wishing you peace, happiness and health in 2023. Thanks for all your excellent work in 2022!

Happy New Year, Mike!
How about:
Good light, good bytes and good night!

Happy New Year Mike! Good light and good exposures! Hoping for a good year for us all, each and everyone.

Good Light and May All Your Pixels Be True!

Well, for your Be It Resolved / Bar of Soap post last week, I commented: “I just hope for good health, good light and time to shoot and print.” So, ditto.

My resolutions for 2023 are 20, 24, 42 and 50 MP.

I expect to continue shooting whatever enters my visual field and interests me, with whatever gear is at hand or whichever body and lens I expect to give me the best results.

Unless something changes. \;~)>

I’ve heard two main hypotheses as to why time goes faster as you get older, (a) each year represents a lesser percentage of your overall life and (b) the richness and depth of acquiring new experience and knowledge makes time feel slower, and as one’s experience grows with age, we settle and the enrichment and depth both decline. I subscribe to both. Nothing can be done about the former. But I do wish your 2023 is deeply enriched by joyous and healthy experiences that, at the very least, creates the feeling and appearance of a long lasting happiness.

May the photons be with you.

Happy New Year, Mike.
May your pixels be whatever you hope for them and more. Thank you for keeping the light on.


Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.
Dave4 Jenkins (85)

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