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Thursday, 08 December 2022


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OWC M2 Nvme portable thunderbolt enclosure. (High reputation).

Samsung 2TB M2 NVME ssd drive. (High reputation)

Description of enclosure (from OWC)

When travelling (ie multi day trips). Blue and Red Colour options. Small, sturdy, stand out in your bag or on your desk.


Hhmmm… How much is Jeff selling World Peace for these days?

No love for Yule?

For Xmas, I would like my home to finish construction. After a weather-related incident (I live in Florida), a large oak tree fell on our house over six months ago. The new roof was finished last week, and the other outside repairs are almost completed, except for the paint. The inside has yet to begin, but my contractor says any day now. It has been an ordeal between the supply chain and labor issues and becoming ‘next’ on the contractors’ schedules. Going through hurricane season with tarps on the roof to keep the water out was no fun, but we were so fortunate when Hurricane Ian took a turn to the east.

May I suggest you start earlier with your links next year, like on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, as I have already finished my Xmas shopping? But I will go to one of your links and buy a few more gifts and something for our veterinarian, as she recently saved my “Big Joe” from having surgery three days before it was scheduled. It is a blessing to have such a committed doctor for my pets. I wish all your readers a joyful holiday season.

How about some BW film developer? My go-to was Kodak HC110 for its shelf life, versatility and consistency. It's an easy-to-handle concentrated syrup.

At B&H (out of stock): https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1493206-REG/kodak_1058692_professional_hc_110_1l_developer.html

At Adorama: https://www.adorama.com/kkhc110.html

This guide is indispensable: https://www.covingtoninnovations.com/hc110/

Then there's this intriguing upstart, CineStill's DF96 monobath based on Kodak's 96 chemistry (CeneStill also sells straight D96 and F96 in hobby-friendly quantities). More expensive than conventional chemistry, but less demanding of time, space and equipment.

Liquid: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1419165-REG/cinestill_800342_df96_b_w_developer_fix.html

Powder: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1470582-REG/cinestill_800347_df96_developer_fix_and.html

And of course classic Kodak D76: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1493199-REG/kodak_1058270_professional_d_76_developer_powder.html

Kodak lives (in the darkroom)!

Nothing that is affordable.

1. I want for Christmas: a Joby “ GripSafe “ iPhone magnetic MagSafe tripod mount.


Sure, you can use it on a tripod, but also as the ultimate hand grip
I have a friend who leaves the grip in one location outdoors to have a base for capturing Timelapse of a construction project. It’s always propositioned to then hold the iPhone in the same position.

I’ll set up in the corner of a living room and remotely snap group shots using my Apple Watch. The watch shows the view even when the iPhone is asleep. Click the watch and it wakes up the iPhone and takes the picture. Effective. $39.00

2. I want a Mac Sudio so I can re-gift it to Mike. $2,200

[I think I like the idea of #2 as well! :-) --Mike]

With the recent topics, a starter film pack of a few rolls of HP5+, an Ilford Sprite 35-II, a Patterson tank set, and Monobath developer would be really fun. Cheaper than 2 Xbox games!

For me, my size is Nikon Z9, with the 400 f4.5 Z-mount lens. Or the 70-200S, I'm not picky.

Lastly, if anyone wanted to be a supermensch and needed a year-end charitable contribution, a dozen Canon T100 kits or Pentax K-70 kits for my Scout camp to teach Photography merit badge would be appreciated greatly!

A Gulfstream G800 would be nice. I can’t find a link to purchase one on Amazon. B&H, maybe? (Rumor is that if you pay MSRP, the glove compartment comes stuffed with a generous selection of Leicas.)

Sorry, I forgot to shop for what I would like in Santa's bag: a Hasselblad XCD 35-75mm F3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens. I do not know if it is worth the cash, but I would enjoy having one!

B&H Photo (out-of-stock):

Adorama (out-of-stock):

Hmmm wait...

[x] I've built a new PC for myself lately, so nothing in that regard...
[x] I even got some Pixel Buds A-series, tho I swore I'd never reward Google to leave away the headphone socket on their phones (thos Pixel Buds are awesome btw)
[x] the flat is more than full with stuff, we'd rather have to get rid of some than getting some additional stuff...

So I'm afraid I'd want/need nothing you could help with (or I could help with, concerning your affiliate links). So maybe the mentioned world peace, freedom of expression in Iran, and $deity save us all from overheating this ball we live on? Something like that?

An Epson P700 plus imageprint plus fineart paper plus cartridges. (All on way).

With 10'000s of images I intend to print one a day (after tweaking it to within an inch of its life). This is something I never had the enthusiasm (or time) to do whilst using on line printers. I have had multiple large exhibitions but left my home unadorned.
I will also cull huge numbers of images (already started).

Canon Pro-300 printer, on sale at the moment. Dipping a toe into making my own prints.

Finally read your fine print and learned my birthday is on Festivus! I did not realize that. I will definitely raise a glass to the occasion.

My two front teeth!
I don’t know but do dentists put out gift cards? Probably?

A better world

And a Satisfying Saturnalia to all!

I'm...this is embarrassing, but I'm not sure there's a piece of photo gear that's a high priority for me this gift season. The current setup covers what I do photographically pretty well, and there isn't a particular direction I"m ready to burst out in.

Nothing. Or actually, “No Thing”, that I can reasonably specify as a Christmas present (even from myself). I don’t really buy things anymore, other than occasional (once every two/three/four years) expensive tech items, and having been generous to myself during 2022, there’s nothing more that I can persuade even myself that I ought to/must have.

There are plenty of intangible things that I want however. First, I want to travel more. We were able to take a two long trips this year, but I want to do more. Perhaps next year I can head west to America, instead of this year’s eastwards trips. I would also like to dip my toes in the Mediterranean again - not done that for a few years. Secondly, I would love to meet my younger daughter again; she left for the USA to marry in March 2019. We were going to spend time with her for a belated wedding celebration in March 2020, but that didn’t happen. Messenger calls, even weekly ones, just aren’t the same.

Finally, I would like to get back my confidence, my positive approach to life. Sadly, living with Covid and constantly being told “you are at risk; you must be cautious; you must take care” over and over and over has taken its toll. I’d like to get over that.

A book:
Alan Chan: Collecting Inspiration for Design
ISBN 8891831743

And a winning lottery ticket, size-wise, think "optimum happiness".

Found something.
“SEEING THINGS: A Kid’s Guide to Looking at Photographs“ by Joel Meyerowitz. It’s out of print but still available at various sellers. It’s a glorious fundamental lesson book for teaching adults how to see photos like kids. (Kids already get it.)

The Amazon link provided for John Shriver’s M10 is for an apparently used M10-R, which has a completely different sensor (40.89 MP) than the discontinued M10 (24MP). Amazon lists a new M10-R for $8995, the current retail price, so the $7074 linked item must be mis-marked as new; other used bodies are shown for $7074.

[It's so hard to keep up. Fixed now, and thanks. And by the way, thank you very much, Jeff, for your $100 donation, which I got in the mail yesterday! Very kind of you indeed, and I and all the other Mikes appreciate the support. Although Mike the chact fecker is in the doghouse at the moment. We won't share it with him. --Mike]

I'm late to the Christmas party but would like a Canon R6 MkII. I have the R6, which is a near perfect all-around camera, but the MkII seems to add just enough extra of what I'd like to have. This time, I might do the package with the 24-105 lens so I don't have to mess with an adapter.

World peace might be too much to wish for, but we can all practice a little more kindness and understanding toward each other, and that would go a long way.

I’m glad you mentioned Covington regarding HC110 - I have widely adopted the 3 minute agitation interval and while it’s not universal, I have found it very helpful, especially with Rodinal. Yes, I know you don’t like Rodinal very much …

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