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Monday, 19 December 2022


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These are brilliant for travelling. I always carry 2. The Red coloured drive is the target for my backing up of cards to disk (each card is copied to its own folder and is a full copy of all folders and files from the media card). I use this drive also for reviewing images while travelling and creating temp jpgs for email or web.

I carry a second Blue drive .. I use Beyond Compare to create a full synch copy from the Red to the Blue Drive.

When I get home I ingest the images and videos from the Red card to my Image repositiary, which then gets backed up. The Red and Blue cards are then formatted in prep for the next trip.

I have one and it works great. I divide my time between Van Isle and Northern Spain. This little drive goes with me back and forth, for both back-up and as an emergency start up disk. No troubles so far.


Absolutely. I recently got a new old stock 2018 Mac Mini Core i7, 16 GB, but with a crippling 125 GB of storage. (It was cheap: I'm Scottish, ok?) But booting it from one of these, it runs just as fast as from its internal disc.

These USB 3.2 SSD’s are a great deal these days and I think this is due in part to the techs age and the fact that manufacturers are preparing to release new USB4 peripherals. We now have quite a few USB4 laptops available but I only see USB4 hubs and cables available at B&H.

It appears that the new USB4 stuff will come in two speeds (20Gbps and 40Gbps) which will provide a nice speed boost. There doesn’t seem to be a speed difference between Thunderbolt 3 and the new Thunderbolt 4 (40Gbps) but Thunderbolt 4 does have some nice display, charging, wake from sleep and longer cable support. I find all of these new USB and Thunderbolt specs to be rather confusing but PCMag.com has a decent summary available.

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