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Sunday, 18 December 2022


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Yup, I remember that they use to advertise these as re-purposed guitar straps. When I started playing guitar (at 40), I noticed that that moniker wasn't exactly correct.

Of course, my cameras had these gaudy, less than stealthy straps, some even had elastic loops to hold 35mm film plastic cans which were horrible in real world use.

Ha! In the late ‘60s I played guitar in a band (who didn’t then?) and had a guitar strap exactly like that! Boy, was it ugly!

Sorta like the one my Canon AE1 wore for a couple decades.

I'm tempted. Maybe for the D700.

I had one of those decorative straps! I used it for almost 25 years on my Nikon FE2. Alas I ditched it for a sling strap when I went digital (D7000). I love the sling but its dull, boring black and miss the hippy-ish look (dating myself).

I think there's a general rule that you have to wear Birkenstocks with that strap.

Hmmm, missing the chrome plated clips and hardware guaranteed to add “brassing” to your new camera….

That strap reminds me of the time when I wore corduroy bell bottom pants.


Funny, I was just thinking of putting a Canon EOS strap on my guitar.

FYI Stan, Birkenstocks have become wildly popular with Gen Z. Their "Boston" shoe has been sold out and on back-order for months. Just now coming back into stock. I'm thinking it's Peak Design strap lovers that are sticking their toes into Birks.

I more think of the wide camera straps as being a nice complement to bell bottom jeans and paisley shirts. Oh, and Dingo boots. Kind of a Boomer memory...

This strap triggered my gag reflex. I hold you personally responsible.

And I still have my strap, bought sometime in the 1970's to go with my Pentax Spotmatic.

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