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Friday, 30 December 2022


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Congratulations on the Bar of Soap photo and its success!

Heh. I recently had a similar reaction. I posted 2 images that day, at my usual site for sharing images https://cameraderie.org/forums/ and the one I considered the least of them (just another snapshot of a "usual suspect") got the most positive attention I've gotten in quite a while.


As I said there recently in another context, "That composition that you or I may find appealing will get a Meh from someone else. Or a photo you think is, "eh" might get a wow from that other person.

I take snapshots for me. When they work for someone else, only then are they no longer snapshots but art."

"...To illustrate the post, I took a picture across the street, while standing at the front door in my bathrobe and slippers."

Was that the "Lamp Post" shot? Love that one and picked it up when it was offered. I remember you first printed it on that now ancient HP printer, which I wanted at the time.

Why do I love it? Not really sure, but it has a "Narnia - esque" quality of fantasy about it. I like the bar of soap, too. It's good to see you excited about photographing with gear that fits.

[That's the one. Do you know I didn't even keep a print of that for myself? I could kick myself for that. --Mike]

Seeing things, really seeing them, not just looking casually, is what photography does best. The bar of soap and the snow scene across the street are a perfect illustration of that principle. There is something very satisfying about seeing your everyday life with fresh eyes on a regular basis.

We're finding that glycerin soap helps with the dry skin we'd normally get in winter. Lanolin soap was even better but I can't find any.

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