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Thursday, 01 December 2022


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Congrats! Here’s a $200 ‘reward’ toward your Epson P900…


Like the razor blade approach, manufacturers are willing to heavily discount the products to suck you into other necessary (ink) purchases. Be sure to track rebates, and sometimes even additional dealer discounts, before buying. I saved $450 total on my P800 by combining discounts.

Treat yourself, Mike. You’ll wish you did this long ago. Just like the monochrome camera.


Congratulations, Mike!

[Thank you Abby Jeanne! --Mike]

I’ve been following your work since Darkroom and Creative Camera Techniques which was one of my favorite magazines ever. It just struck the right balance. Congratulations and keep it coming.

Only another year? What are you,a quitter?

A year more of TOP? Yes, please, I'd take one of that!

Congrats! And 17 years already? It feels like you only started a couple of years ago. How time flies...

Congratulations, Mike! A huge milestone!

Fishing for compliments is a very unattractive trait in the older man... But, yeah, alright, go on then! [insert Samuel Beckett quote here] ;)


Maybe I am biased, but Mike, I believe you are the single most important writer on photography (and the occasional OT) on the internet.

I am certain that The Online Photographer will be engaging photographers on the internet for decades (or more) to come.

[You don't sound at all biased to me. Heh! --Mike]

Congratulations Mike!

Here’s to the next 10,000!

Congrats on reaching 10K, Mike. You may be a self-professed procrastinator, but when it comes to TOP you are remarkably persistent. I would even go so far as to say that a substantial number of your posts have been rather good. (But don't let that go to your head.) Sincere best wishes for the year ahead and those that follow.

Mike if you don’t continue for one more year we will have your camera converted back to color out of spite. Just sayin. 😬

Congrats! KBO, to quote Churchill.

[Ed. note: To Churchill it meant "keep buggering on."]

Congratulations Mike!

Many thanks to you for keeping on keeping on and making TOP a safe harbor for all who visit. A place we can enjoy your superb writing and love of photography along with other OT thoughts and insights. A place where we, your readers, can have a civil discussion and learn from others.

Cheers! To the next 10,000!

Congratulations, Mike!
Not only are you a decent human, but you are a prolific writer too. And photographer. And doggie dad. And father. And friend to many!

I think that means you have mastered blogging, and you’re a very good writer too. Seriously though, I bet the number of equally successful one person blogs about a hobby and artistic pursuit is very low.



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