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Friday, 16 December 2022


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That’s a delightfully weird contraption ya got there!

Here is some background by Sigma about the design principles underpinning the 45mm lens:


Yasuhiro Ohson, head of product planning at Sigma, wrote this about the 45mm f2.8 lens:

[If] all attention is spent on high optical performance, it tends to end up with an unpleasing bokeh. Given the small bokeh permitted by a 45mm F2.8 lens, the bokeh needs to look beautiful, otherwise the images will have a rough atmosphere.

There we were, unable to raise the MTF performance and unsatisfied with the bokeh, when we received a surprising proposal from our optical engineers in charge: to develop the lens with the highest priority given to its expression of bokeh.


Fully concur, Mike. Apart from two Panasonic GX8 bodies and a handful of super small lenses for handluggage only flight trips (luckily few and far between), I‘m exclusively (yes, alas pun intended) invested in the L system by now (but including a couple of M mount gems via adapter as well). The Sigma line of lenses are my favourite ones - for the AF/MF switch on the barrel (alas no direct manual focus - yet? - with the L system) as well as the dedicated aperture ring. And the superb built and ergonomics. With the optical quality a given. The trinity 3.5/24, 2.8/45 and 2.8/90 - joyfully all taking 55mm filters - are the L mount equivalent now for my former compact Micro 4/3ds gear. And with the likes of a 47MPx sensor the ranges between and in particular beyond - if and where inaccessible to feet zoom - are usually croppable without much ado.

I hope you will try the 24 mm in the Contemporary line of Sigma's lenses. Leica has been promising one in the L mount for many years, but I got the Sigma long ago and am quite happy with it.

". . . extremely detailed without being harsh."

That's what I noticed in the landscapes with trees in the "distant distance". That lens is amazing in its ability to clearly show the individual tree branches -- and as you mentioned -- without harshness.

The prices at the links you provided are shockingly low, "dirt cheap" even, considering that many other brands charge $1,000 more for a lens that isn't quite as good.

Let me join the confirmation of this as an excellent, reasonably-priced lens. I owned this and its 35mm sibling in L-mount for a year or so. Built like armored cars, but not heavy. Excellent tactility. I was truly sorry to see them go when I sold all my L-mount gear early this year.

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