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Wednesday, 14 December 2022


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Does it come with a black light? :>)

That lights in the picture roughly matches a map of the countries with more carbon emissions. The cost of lighting the night like that has been huge: climate crisis, a 6th mass extinction, the extraction of the natural resources of the whole world for the main benefit of a few, etc.

We have had scientific evidence about the link between fossil fuels and climate change for at least 50 years, and had 26 (!) UN conferences on the subject without any significant advance.

I admire science and technology, I love it. But I think the warp speed of human knowledge and technology is a dangeous notion, because it makes us feel that they're going to save us, that we are always just a new invention away of solving all our problems.

Our big problems are mainly political, and there's no invention that can solve them for us.

Invert the lights (and make the dark areas light) and you have the world hunger map. http://hungerintheworld.weebly.com/hunger-map.html
Similar maps are made to show world poverty.

What happened to New Zealand?

Paul B
Where's New Zealand?

Another entry into 'maps without New Zealand'? I notice that the earlier version linked includes New Zealand, seems they have removed us in the update..

It's out of stock right now. It's also so wrong as to be laughable. No way is there any light like that coming from the centre of Australia. Total waste of all that effort. The thought was OK, though.

That is an interesting video; thanks for posting!

It's a minor point, but in the interests of complete accuracy. That dot in the middle of Australia isn't the spy base. The Lights are the town of Alice Springs. The spy base is a few km away and it doesn't get lit up to that extent.
I used to live there and many of our friends were Americans who worked at the base.

I fully agree with the Mr Cubas. All my life I was an optimist, believing in advances in science and technology to solve all our problems.

But at 75, I've lost hope. As long as money rules the world, the destruction of the Earth will continue. I truly believe we are entering the end phase of human civilisation. And those two masses of light on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean are the main cause.

I feel lucky that I won't live to see it happen, and that I live in one of the most benign places on Earth.

NZ not on the map - its a thing. And there are theories -

I forgot to mention - NZ is on the original NASA graphic way down in the lower RH corner. You can see where one of the cables from Sydney going across the Pacific connects.
I've been there 4 times for conferences and training fiber optic techs myself.

I don't care how they did it - there is no way there is that much light in outback Australia - which makes me wonder of the accuracy of the rest of it.

Well, I live in Perth Western Australia and we know very well how isolated we are, try flying some were cheaply. The nearest capital city is in Indonesia!

That light in the "red centre" of Australia is probably the town of Alice Springs. The joint military facility at Pine Gap is quite a few miles out of town, and would be unlikely to advertise its presence so brightly.

[Thank Lynn. I revised the post. --Mike]

David, all those lights in the outback of Australia are bushfires.

Actually, I'm joking. They're really enormous cities that cleverly move underground as the sun rises and only come out at night. :-)

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