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Monday, 12 December 2022


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For my taste these photos are overprocessed. Not bad, of course, but too much.
For people of wealth and taste, less is more.

Just in time, my wife brought the iPad to me yesterday and showed me a print of Turnley's she really liked (the girl playing the guitar, #31). It's on the way.

THanks Mike
I really enjoyed his talk. What an extraordinary man. Such warmth and humility allied to such an ability to connect with people and such vision.
I have dilly-dallied around for far too long but at last have signed up to be with Peter Turnley in Paris in the Spring. Very excited.
I live in the middle of nowhere ...and so although street photography really intrigues me none the less as well as anticipation there is a little anxiety as well.

Thanks to your suggestions here ... at last I am diving in!


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