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Friday, 04 November 2022


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LOL - I didn’t know dogs had bones in their ears.
I’ll get my coat.

Looks OK to me. If you hadn't pointed out what you perceived as a flaw, I never would have noticed. But It's still a wonderful shot...

With best regards.


On an Intel iPad Pro (11”) running IOS 15.7.1, the top image is displaying fully in the article and when clicked. The bottom one is still truncated on the right in the article but displays fully when clicked.

A slight bit of purple fringing on some of the bare branches, but not too bad, even when enlarged. (I could easily tell if there was too much magenta in the prints I did at the camera store back in the day. The salesman who used to do the prints could easily detect cyan, so we made a good team!)

seeing both photos, the page's header, and dreaming of an X-T5 too...

All I've to say is that bicycle seat is way, way too high for the rider. Of course in their current condition I guess it matters not.

[I would guess his total lack of muscle would be the more pressing problem. But maybe it's downhill all the way, if you know what I mean. --Mike]

Same issue with vertical shot in IPad Air iOS 15.7.1 - zoomed and truncated in post - but shows properly when clicked…. Good luck with it!

If Fujifilm hadn’t done the unthinkable and returned to their senses with the flip screen from the X-T3, I wouldn’t be counting my pennies right now and dreaming of an X-T5!

What would have been nice is if they had implemented a “slightly larger than half-size” RAW capture feature where instead of the full 40MP file you get a 26MP file. This would allow you to use the X-T5 in tandem with a X-T3 or X-T4 and keep file sizes consistent.

Those note taking cameras sure are convenient and do a lot of neat tricks; yet even in these smaller pictures i can't really like the overprocessed and undernuanced results.
I know, that's what the masses dig and what sells and so on... Still, i'm not even 50 yet and feel like a grumpy old man!

It seems to me the images are oversharpened. Anyway for my taste. Is this being done w/o your doing it?

FWIW rss/atom feeds are still broken. If typepad was a bank it would have been irrecoverably dead five days ago.

Picture testing. The tree in this post and the “best Chili” picture display correctly in Safari using its Reader feature.

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