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Sunday, 27 November 2022


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On days like what you have described, Butters is still there for you.

I would have labelled your post "Pep Talk". Or waited a day. Then post your experience on the subsequent day, at the end of todays post.

Only an unmet expectation can make you unhappy.

Till tomorrow.

You wrote: “Not going to write a post.” But you just did.

You have just described my perfect photographic day! So much more interesting than sunshine.

Deborah Turbeville did an interesting black/white feature for the male Vogue, I think it was, called Rainy Day People. Love it. So much atmosphere. What would sunshine give unless shooting commercial travel/girlie stuff? Sunshine’s the stuff of bland!

I was going to mention biorhythms; but then I started wondering “whatever happened to biorhythms?”, and duly did some research (i.e. I read an article in Wikipedia). Turns out that the theory of biorhythms is now regarded as pseudoscientific because numerous well-constructed studies have found no correlation between human performance and supposed biorhythms, other than coincidence. Sorry, Mike; you can’t blame biorhythms for your bad day.

[See? Now ANOTHER thing has gone wrong!!:-D --Mike]

Mike, tomorrow has a 50/50 chance of being a better day. Not bad odds, if you ask me. Keep smiling!

I'll try again in the morning.Tomorrow's a new day!
History is written by the winners.Go and enjoy it.

With your new commitment to B&W,I would have thought gray should be your “thing” now days. Embrace the monochromatic…

Biorhythms are pseudoscience, but chronobiology isn't. That's where your problem was.

Long as you're not lying prone due to a medical condition- you're ahead of the game.

Today was a perfect day to be a lousy day, what with the gray weather and rain and all.

Mike, the Ohio State players know how you feel.

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."
(Winston Churchill)
I made 92,8 kilometers on bicycle in the three days from Friday till Sunday.
That is not a lot, but heck, it is late November - the days were not totally wasted.

Cripes! Now I feel bad 'cause I had a pretty good day yesterday. Hope things improve, Mike.

You know the iPhone will translate anything you point it at, right?
Gosh that video is funny, Kodak makes cameras? How old is that?

[The YouTube short is a lip-sync. The original by Kathleen Madigan dates from the '90s maybe? Perhaps the 2000s. --Mike]

It’s probably a low voltage fuse in your furnace unit. Thermostats usually run under 5 volts max. Either way a heating person is needed, YIKES you are having a bad run of luck.

You want real confusion?

[Is that a real thing, or a satire?

The Mennonites and Amish have certain parallels. Certain things that are allowed with limitations. One I recall is a church that allowed its members to have one electrical outlet, but it had to be on a pole in the yard. --Mike]

My van was up and running by 1 pm this afternoon. I used a local service that came to my home, checked out the system (the alternator checked out as “excellent”), and the battery was replaced with a new one with a 36-month replacement warranty and a total manufacturer’s warranty of six years. The repair guy was super professional with a pleasant demeanor. He showed up with the same model and year vehicle as my van. I told him I was not happy with my local dealer for service, and he acknowledged it is well-known as not a great dealership. He told me where they take their fleet for service, and they are happy with them so I will try them out for my next service. Overall, an excellent repair experience. Living in a small college town has its perks as long as I live miles away from the college campuses.

Mike, I replaced my home’s thermostat last year with a Google Nest. It was not hard, as I took a picture with my phone of the wiring (my system is a heat pump/AC) before installation. I am guessing the thermostat stopped working from age, and before I purchased a new one, I looked on my county’s utilities page to see if they had any rebates for thermostats, and they did. The Nest was listed, so after I purchased and installed it, the county reimbursed me 100%. It is much better than what was there prior, as I have it set to ECO, and my electric bill went down by about 15-20%. My last name is Portuguese (maiden name), but I cannot help you with the translation; Google is your friend.

For the past day and a half (since reading this post) I can't get a song out of my head. It's by Elvis from, I think, GI Blues, so, 1960-ish.
It may be called 'Didj'ever' or some such (for 'did you ever?')

"You're on a Sunday picnic and then it starts to pour,
Run thru poison ivy, scratch until you are sore,
Ants come dancing and carry off the bread,
'j'ever get one of those days when you should have stayed in bed?"

That's as best as I can recall it.

[Here ya go:]



Wow, what was in the air Sunday? I packed up my Honda CRV with trash and recycling. I had a full load so I opened the rear passenger door to put the seats down but failed to close the door as I went around to the back of the car to push the load forward. I then got in the drivers seat and backed up until the rear passenger door engaged with the side of the garage door putting a crimp in the door and damaging the door hinge. You may ask why I did not see the door in my rear view mirror as I backed up. Well, the CRV has a rear view camera that I use instead. It has a great field of view, but only from the rear of the car. So much for the latest technology. There goes my new Nikon Z7ii and your commission from B&H.

Cloudy and cold weather goes with my disaster of accidentally deleting all the 8328 files in my Lightroom catalog, including deleting them in the hard drive :( I spent much time with Adobe today. Attn: LR Classic users, when LR does a Remove Photos on Disk, MacOS 12.6 does not recognize it properly and there is not a “Put Back” option when right clicking files in the Trash. Adobe needs to fix this nightmare.

Napmares are the worst!

At least it rains where you live. Be thankful for that. It was an incredibly beautiful day today in Northern California, and the late autumn light was gorgeous.

I would have preferred that it rained.

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