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Friday, 11 November 2022


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I used a 24" ColorEdge for years. It was great. Last year I replaced it with a slightly used BenQ 2700 monitor. Works just as great.

[Well, whatever you're doing, you're doing well. I've seen your work.... ---Mike]

Nice goin', Mike--I just clicked through on your B&H link, and the ColorPro 27" is now "temporarily out of stock". :-)

...A monitor is a lot like a mattress when you think about it...both last about as long (8–10 years)

While I admit to having purchased several new monitors as technology changed over the last couple of decades, that analogy reveals you've succumbed to the marketing nonsense of bedding manufacturers. We still sleep on the same Sealy Posturepedic Royale bought when we married in 1978. Flipped over every couple of years, it's as good as new. It does help, of course, that we're not part of the adult U.S. population who are overweight (73.6%) or obese (41.9%). :-)

[Is it a latex mattress? Those can last that long, and they were popular in that timeframe.

Otherwise, we need an experiment. You buy a new mattress, then tell us if your old one was really still okay. :-) --Mike]

Is it a latex mattress? Those can last that long, and they were popular in that timeframe...

Then-top-of-the-line inner-spring mattress. I'm unaware of any latex components.

...we need an experiment. You buy a new mattress, then tell us if your old one was really still okay. :-)

No need. Even though we're 44 years older, our sleep comfort is unchanged from what it was back then. I stand by "good as new." :-)

And, just to be annoying, I'll add that I'm still using the HP 2011x monitor I bought for my daughter rather more than a decade ago, attached to my ancient HP Pavilion 500 PC, and yet I still seem to manage to squeeze out the odd decent photo using Photoshop Elements 10 via my Epson SureColor P400 printer. Just lucky, I guess... (But mainly careful and creative with my limited income).


[Yes, "careful and creative" are the most important ingredients in the magic cauldron! Puts me in mind of hearing a description of Edward Weston in old age showing a visitor how he could work carefully and creatively in his dirty old darkroom with its ancient and very basic equipment. He exposed his prints, for instance, using a common light bulb, taping pieces of paper over it to control its intensity. I think I'm remembering that right. --Mike]

That Eizo monitor has been in my wish list on Amazon for a good two years, but I balk at the price, somehow. It is good to know about the NEC alternative.

PS: A good mattress can last for two or three decades. Even lesser mattresses can last a long time, though both foam and spring mattresses fail quickly, when they do. Foam collapses flat at some point, without much warning, and box springs give way suddenly, too. And, of course, mattresses do get damaged through misuse.

I'm happy to report that the mattresses I've had in my home have lasted since 1995.

I wish they'd last another 27 years, but I know I'll have to replace them someday, likely soon.

But I worry about the cost of replacement. I walked into a store recently and realized the prices of premium mattresses have gone up by a factor of four or five in that length of time. A good Sealy or a Serta costs much more than that Eizo.

8 bit +FRC sounds a lot like the Amiga "Hold and Modify" color mode:

While it was good for some impressive demos, I don't know that it ever really caught on.

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