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Saturday, 26 November 2022


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The photos of the couples kissing all feel like in invasion of privacy, so those would all be ruled out. I guess this is why I'm not a street photographer.

I’d choose your prints over these any day of the week. I can appreciate what it takes for the Turnleys to make these images, but I’d get bored of them on my wall quickly. Maybe it’s a bit of jadedness that comes from having seen so much of this type of imagery on greeting cards and posters hanging on the dorm walls of college freshmen, but I’m not drawn to this flavor of romance. Your recent work has meaning, but it also has shape and form that, for the most part, these lack. I like abstraction. Anyway, I did as you suggested. I looked at this work as an exercise in discernment and it led me back to you.

How is a picture that good (the last David Turnley) not better known!?! That is why we continue to search relentlessly through the chaff- to be humbled on those rarest of occasions...

I recieved the email from Turnley (bought his Covid book) and looked through the available prints. One of my favorite images from his "Parisians" book, the young lady on the back cover was offered and I'd love to see a real print versus the mass produced book cover. That desire took a back seat to the economics of the price. I'm sure the cost is worth it to some, but it is a bit out of my league for a wall hanging.

Selling prints, there's an idea, Mike.😉

Mike, please pardon the newbe question, but does 12x16 reference the image size or the paper size?

[Paper size. Peter says that 12x16 is a standard "European collector print size" but I've never come across a reference to it as such elsewhere. --Mike]

I have been a fan of both Peter and David for a long time. Lately I am leaning more towards David’s photographs. My son lives in Paris at the moment and I told him that I wouldn’t be surprised if he bumps into Peter’s path one of these days.

While Paris is not high no my personal list (I guess I lived there for too long), it deserves better than to be maintained in this folkloric state which to me is meant to represent what our liberators found in the fourties.
It is as if resident photographers in New York City were still trying to photograph workers having lunch on a shaft during the construction of a skyscraper. Time has passed and while it is great to see work from the past, current photos should not be taken in a rear view mirror.
I see four photographs, and four clichés. I agree with Alex G. that your own pictures were more interesting.

@ Patrick Wahl (re.: invasion of privacy). As a student I worked as a a telegram delivery boy. That was in the 1960's and well before street maps on iphones. I very quickly developed a sense of what type of person it would be worthwhile to ask for directions.

A similar sort of sense is good have in street photography. I am sure the Turnleys have developed this into a fine art. The way you look, act and talk may open or close doors. And anyway, Parisians are quite open to have their picture taken. It may be different where you live.

A lot of kissing going on in those photos with preferably the Eiffel tower in the background. Sort of tourist souvenir images, I am I confess a tourist in Paris.

Last month in Paris it was hilarious to see all the tourists wearing berets - 3 euros any colour (Emily in Paris).

I always judge a photo by would I hang it on my wall.

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