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Monday, 07 November 2022


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Not working for me yet. Did feed address change?

I recreated the subscription and it is still only picking up posts from before the rebuild.

Hi! Long time lurker here.

I'm using this feed and it doesn't seem to work: https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/atom.xml

The last entry that shows up is from the Scheduled Maintenance post on Oct 28th.

Hi Mike,

I just refreshed my RSS feed (Feedly.com) at 12:41pm EST and the most recent post there is 10days old ("Scheduled Maintenance . . .").

Just checked. I use Feedly. I haven't seen an update there since the notice about planned maintenance.

Plus I for one have for a few days still been getting the Norton red flag page when I visit TOP in Safari. Latest iteration and OS, FWIW. Was hoping that it would just go away, like that pesky pimple, but finally figured I'd better bring it up since you haven't mentioned it--but surely I can't be the only one still seeing this....

[Not necessarily for posting]

I’m not seeing anything in my feed.

No, nothing since 29 October

Hey Mike. I just checked on my Feedly RSS reader and there's no updates from you since Oct 28 I'm sorry to say. Curtis

Any idea when the Norton problem gets resolved? The big red dangerous block came back as you recovered from the outage?

[It's really tiresome. I went through all kinds of rigamarole with them, waited ten days, and finally received a call that said they are green-lighting my site and removing any warnings. And then a few weeks later the warning crops up again. I've entered a new dispute ticket, so we'll see what happens. --Mike]

Mike, you're the best TOP CBO (Chief Blog Engineer): RSS feed seems to work as it should... Thank you...!

Its working! Thanks!

It is working now on Feedbin.

https://feeds.feedblitz.com/theonlinephotographer Works for me on Safari, iPad.

Hmm, weird. I’ve been using the following RSS feed since 2013 and it still works.


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