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Wednesday, 23 November 2022


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"***I never write about pool on TOP. Which is a shame, because then you have no way to find out about extraordinary and delightful demonstrations like Fedor Gorst's seven racks in less than 27 minutes, Shane Van Boening's impressive runout . . ."

TL:DR (Rough approximation of my actual experience starting to read this footnote, then slipping away as my interest fell to zero.)

Writing about World Football may reach TL:DR even quicker. TL:DW for it is slightly longer, a handful of minutes, at best most.

Actually, I don't watch any sports, as a matter of choice. Fortunately, my granddaughters are past the soccer ages, so I don't need to pretend interest anymore.

I did spend some time casually watching some American Football at friend's house during our trip. The football wasn't too bad, although not as good as several alternatives, but I couldn't believe the amount of advertising, and largely mindless drivel from commentators.

Oh yeah — Happy Thanksgiving. May you have a wonderful day, being thankful for life and for whatever entertainment you choose! \;~)>

I had just given a little prayer of thanks that the "pool" posts had slowed down and almost stopped and then, BAM!

But then I have been guilty lately of slipping in a few too many of my own "pool" posts lately.

I've had a change of heart though. Now I'm firmly in the camp of "whatever makes you happy." As long as you keep writing TOP.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And post card perfect weather with which to celebrate.

LOL ... love the tiny type
Enjoy the pool
I love baseball and was hoping for the Phils to clinch it this year, but nope, another time.

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