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Friday, 04 November 2022


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For me, the viewing experience - the viewfinder - is the top priority for any camera, even before controls and handling. If that doesn’t satisfy, the rest doesn’t matter. The rear screen doesn’t count as a viewing experience for me. No mention here (although maybe covered in your other Fuji reviews), but it would be an essential attribute for me in any “best all-around” camera.

[No mention here because I haven't seen it yet myself. --Mike]

It does seem as if Fuji has listened to photo-centric customers with the X-T5. (I pre-ordered one to replace my good ol’ X-T3.)

It also seems like Fuji put hundreds of these in YouTubers’ hands for review. I’ve counted at least 12 review videos showing up in my recommended play list this week! As usual, DPreview’s preview video is the best I’ve seen.

Well just got me the best mirrorless cameras for my own use for testing (both second hand, planning to sell after testing). My choice is either Sony AR IV or Nikon Z7. The PanaLeicas looks good but are incredibly big and heavy, not for me. Canon don't have a single lens I myself is craving for, out it goes.

First observations.
- the viewfinders are pretty similar, even though the sony has got a more sophisticated OLED panel with more resolution they are totally similar during live view, framing and focusing. The Sony probably dont utilize the full resolution during live view, still much better than the R3 version.
- The Nikon nifty fourty is really nifty, the MF focus by wire is however much worse than the Sonnar 35 2.8 on the Sony, so much in fact that I wonder if it is a viable option? Kind of like manual focusing the original X100
- Both cameras is lacking compared to the D850 obviously. It's such a well rounded package and still hard to beat.
- Tomorrow I will be testing the 45 PCE against the Nikon Z 40mm f/2 to see if that could be a viable option . Only looking at image quality, the latter lacks any perspective control obviously. Was going to include the Sigma 45 DG DN as well but tht one is still in the post infortunately.

Canon 6D mk2….


Or is it the Canon R6 mark 2….

So many cameras, so little time.

I was waiting with baited breath . . . and now have halitosis.
I like the XT cameras, but didn’t like the flippy screen of the T4. So, when I heard it rumored that the T5 would return to the 3 way I was very happy. I was ready to rock and roll, coffee in hand, watching the Summit annnouncement!

Boo, hiss…. Lower resolution EFV than H2? What? Lower refresh rate for EVF than H2? What? No option for battery grip, ever! ? What? The remote release port on the left side of the camera? What?

Those ended up being deal breakers for my use case. My H2 will be delivered today, flippy-flappy screen and all. I’ll learn to live with it in order to have the other stuff I need.

Just when you thought you were out... they pull you back in!

I have a couple of X-E1s and an X-T2. I enjoy both very much but I have been hoping for several improvements over the X-T2. Specifically better autofocus, IBIS and better dynamic range. At first look It appeared the X-T5 was going to fulfill all my wishes but, unfortunately, it looks like I’ll only get 2 out of 3. DPR has published their test chart for the X-T5 and starting at 1600 ISO I see a considerable difference in image quality compared to my X-T2, to the bad. Also it may cause a need for a computer upgrade given comparison with the X-H2 indicates a RAW file size of about 82MB. Maybe I’ll have to wait for the X-T6😊.

Mike wrote: “No mention here because I haven't seen it yet myself. --Mike]”

But you still recommended it as the best all-rounder. I personally couldn’t recommend any camera without understanding my paramount priority. I would have tossed in a caveat, but that’s just me.

[I've owned the X-T1 and X-T2 and handled an X-T3, so I'm pretty well familiar with the whole X-T[x] thang and its place in the multiverse. I think it's defensible to call it the Honda Accord, although Moose didn't agree and that's okay. --Mike]

The X-T5 looks great, especially if it has features a person needs that the X-T3/4 don't have.

I'm screen agnostic, and actually like the flippy screen of my X-T4 since I shut it most the time. The viewfinder is what I use for everything. I'm also knob agnostic, I shoot in aperture priority using the dial on the lens with exposure compensation on the front command dial, and I use Auto ISO for the most part. I can see all the settings in the viewfinder easily enough. 26mp is plenty for this old dawg.

That all said, I am in agreement that Fuji did right by the X-T5 and agree with all you wrote. It will be interesting to see how the X-T4 does on the used market, 26mp and the flip screen could be popular with some folks. Fuji continues to do a great job with providing camera choices, there's really a camera for everybody, just about...since it's impossible to please everybody, but still.

What do most people do with 40 MP anyway? Not print large, since most folks aren’t printing at all.

In a recent post you asked "Did I Leave Fuji, or Did Fuji Leave Me?". The X-T5 demonstrates that it's both, and neither. It's true that Fuji has released cameras with PASM dials etc that don't meet the reasons why you (and I) were attracted to Fuji in the first place, but they are still producing high-quality cameras that most certainly do. Broadening their appeal is not the same as leaving you.

It's true that the X-Tx cameras have, until the 5, grown in size. I too think the X-T1 was the perfect form factor, and felt pangs of regret when I packaged it up to sell. But it's only the perfect form factor if you don't want things like dual card slots and IBIS. You've left the world of the X-T1, and Fuji has stuck with you, by giving you the things you want in the smallest package they can manage while still retaining respectable video capability, without which it may not be commercially viable.

They must have liked the Nikon Z-fc - me too.

[I've never seen one! One of the penalties of living out here in the sticks. --Mike]

This almost seems too good to be true. For once a camera company is actually doing the kind of update I've been wishing for. I've been using Fuji X-T1, then X-T30 when the X-T1 got destroyed, since ditching Nikon after their D600 oily sensor blunder. I thought that Fuji made a wrong turn with the X-T4 with its flip LCD screen. If they hadn't updated the X-H and turned it into the flagship, I don't think the X-T5 would exist, at least not in its current form.

I haven't looked at the body line-up of Nikon, Canon, etc in a while but what I didn't like about such companies was that they were basically offering the same type of camera at 3 or 4 price points.Today Fuji is offering different cameras for different types of photography instead of a roster of attempts at jack-of-all-trades, and I hope they continue to do so.

You know, I've paid little attention to the Fujis, other than skimming your posts about them. I took a look . . .

Under your assumption above, starting with a system fresh, why would I want an X-T5 when I can have a Sony A7R III, FF, for the same MPs, size and weight? (Flippy screen, too!)

HTG, it's a real question. I don't get the point, for the kind of shooting you do, of getting a same MP, size and weight camera with a smaller sensor.

BTW, I got an A7 II, and I can't find a practical reason for 42 MP, over 24. Bigger files, slower processing, for no noticeable improvement in IQ, at least up to 16x20.

"I really do like Micro 4/3. But, your OM-1 aside (and I did some gushing about that last July, you'll recall), you have to admit that things have gone very quiet in Micro 4/3 land. Fuji has taken up the mantle these days for smaller-than-FF sensors, perhaps."

OM-5 just announced.

It's only two years since the Oly 100-400 was announced, and it's a step up from the PLeica, slighty better IQ at the long end, and the ability to use telextenders. With the 1.4x, it does things that no other hand holdable camera on earth can. Add things like ProCap Mode and specialized AF, as OM-1 Bird Focus, and it does even more.

Bodies and lenses:

Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-45mm F4 Pro
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm F5.0-6.3 IS
Panasonic Lumix DC-G100
Olympus OM-D E-M10 IV
Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III

OM System M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm F1.4 Pro
Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 8-25mm F4 Pro
Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Summilux 25-50mm F1.7 ASPH
Olympus PEN E-P7

OM System 40-150mm F4.0 PRO
OM System 12-40mm F2.8 PRO II
Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 9mm F1.7 ASPH
Panasonic Lumix DC-GH6
OM System OM-1
OM System OM-5

That's too quiet?

Does quiet matter? Is regular WOW, Shiny, New meaningful for system choice?

The OM-1 is so far out ahead of the pack in the features I use and you don't, that it could rest on its laurels for some time.

The range of available lenses is simply vast. Yes, as above, new ones have been coming out, but they are mostly icing on a big cake.

I do not understand why they claim say the X-T5 is more photography oriented. The photospec of the X-H2 is better, the S had better autofocus and both have a much deeper buffer and optional battery grips.
The X-T5 is "stunted" compared to these, and in some ways compared to the X-T3.

I use my X-T3 for all sorts of photography, including road racing (sports mode is brilliant for this) and the buffer depth is a challange that I hit regularly and I need the grip with three batteries which I burn through quite quickly.. The 16 megapixel images from sportsmode are more than enough for my use.

The X-T5 should have had the buffer depth of the X-H2 cameras and the essential grip with batteries. Fuji now forces me to consider a camera similar to Canon, and I may just as weel consider going back to Canon and an EOS 6R mk ii.

Funny xt-5 commerical:


As a bird photographer I got into the Nikon APS-C system (D100/D200/D90/D7100 because I couldn't afford the long lenses for full frame. I've moved over to Fuji because Nikon just walked away from DX and is never coming back. So thank you Fuji. My only concern is the ISO/noise threshold with a 40np sensor. Should I be worried?

The 40 mp in a small body with light lenses has piqued my interest, that’s for sure. I can pretty much run a GF100s and a lens plus the XT 5 and some longer for the cost of a Leica M system. (I shoot to print and like to print big when I can.) But then, I think Fuji might have me in mind in skipping a FF system. On the other hand, if Fuji put the 40 mp sensor in an X100 series body with high enough resolution adaptors for the lens to cover 28-35-50 mm FF eq., they might just lose sales, as that would cover 99% of my use cases.

Interesting comments from you all.

The X-T5 doesn't have the new viewfinder of the X-H2 (I have seen it and it is lovely), which is a great pity, but you can't have everything.

The T5 doesn't really need a grip as it has the higher capacity battery and and more efficient electronics. It isn't aimed at the sort of photographer that would need a powered grip. That is what the XH cameras are for. It was designed to be small and light, so why would you want to put a powered grip on it? Fuji are making a non-powered grip for it.

Someone said no one prints any more. Well, I do and I know many others that do. I have recently been to see the Midland Mono exhibition. Prints only. Yes, I did have some prints accepted. We want that 40mp.

A small increase in noise above 1600 iso is of little importance to the type of photography I do. It may be important to others.

Finally, may I point out that the small and light weight advantage is mostly gained from the lenses, not the camera. Micro 4/3 is even better in that regard but there hasn't been any advance in sensors for that format in years.

There is only one problem- I can't afford to buy it :(

Mike, you may not have seen this but Fujifilm USA has been doing "the office" styled clips for a while and the last one about the X-T5 had me amused ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wpkoG0SZsk

Now if only Fuji would make a "pro" 27mm f/2 WR, I'd jump in !


Fujifilm USA have a video just for you... and a few others:

Hopefully not too late, but Fujifilm has shown with some comedic tilt that it was aware of the divisive place that the X-T4 held in the company's offerings. They used a similar template of "The Office" to show the lesson learned through customer feedback, rectified by the X-T5.

See ad from YouTube: https://youtu.be/4wpkoG0SZsk

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