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Monday, 31 October 2022


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Mike, in this world of computerized cameras we all learn that patience is absolutely necessary. I assure you that you are worth waiting for. It is great to see you back.

Nice to see you back and I look forward to more words tomorrow.

Testing, testing, 1-2-3.

Your logo is still missing from the top of TOP, and a few of the link icons are not showing. Otherwise, welcome back.

Testing 1.. 2... 3... 4...

Is this thing on? :)

Thanks for the outage explanation, Mike!

Welcome back! Reminds me of all the "seamless" updates when I was at work and starting up on a Monday morning and...nothing worked!

Hope you are taking many fp(m) images and enjoying yourself.

Test 202211010027

A friendly, disposable test comment. Take care.

Welcome back!

It's working for me here in Latvia. It was down over the weekend, though. Hang in there....

Testing, testing, 1,2,3...


Comments have just started to appear on my own Typepad blog, so you should get this. I'm still missing images, though.


Testing. Testing

Testing one two.
Testing one two.
Welcome back.

I have never understood why you use Typepad for your blog, when you could have a great Wordpress website that would enable you to post much larger images. Then you could use your own domain name for it and not the typepad.com one. I am assuming that you also own the domain www.theonlinephotographer.com as I tried that while typepad had an outage. I am not sure how easy it would be to migrate all your posts over the a Wordpress website so maybe that is an issue.
Best regards

Thanks for the situation updates via Patreon. I was wondering what the heck happened.

It was so strange, almost like being in withdrawal clicking on this site's link 20 times a day to get no response.

I either like this or I need to get a life. Glad you're back, Mike.

Welcome back, Mike!

Been checking the pulse of Ye Olde TOP pretty regular. Glad to see there's still a heartbeat. Seventeen years! Wow, that's a milestone. Congratulations.

Glad you’re back on the air. Quite an amateurishly-handled platform conversion by Typepad, eh? It looks like the observations of workforce quality decline are accurate.

All working here except the 3 “portals” at top right which are replaced with “?”.

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