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Sunday, 16 October 2022


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Can we please change the term whitelist to allowlist? See https://fractionalciso.com/allowlist-and-blocklist-are-better-terms-for-everyone-lets-use-them/

Thank you!

[It's the term the guy at Norton used with me, that's all. --Mike]


Arne is right. In this case it should be easy to modify one's own wording.

To overcome stereotypes it certainly takes generations, but someone has to start it. And I know I have to sweep before my own door often enough...

I merely note that the article at that link "Allowlist and blocklist are better terms for everyone, let’s use them." is written by a guy named Rob Black.

(meant humorously!)

Perhaps if your IT hat didn’t closely resemble a pirate hat. Just sayin…

Your masthead/banner thing is missing today, more likely a hosting issue than the Norton issue.

I started getting pop-up notifications in the upper right corner of Finder around the time you posted about this problem but mine were fake McAfee notifications. I'm not certain whether I was one of the people who were affected by the problem you posted about or if this was just coincidence.

This is something that makes its way into people's computers through fraudulent websites. It is usually done by prompting visitors with a “To confirm that you are not a bot, click YES I AM NOT A BOT” message. Once that's clicked, the pop-ups begin.

To stop this, go to System Preferences > Notifications, then check the list on the left for anything that shouldn't be there. You can turn off the Allow Notifications to stop the pop-ups but to get rid of it from the list you have to look for it in the Notifications settings of your web browser(s) and delete it.

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