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Wednesday, 19 October 2022


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I'm a heavy metal fan. 99.9% of heavy metal is crap.


I love this. I could feel his longing and passion.

When I was a teenager, I'd sneak into the choral room and run my inexperienced fingers over the keys. By college, I was sneaking into the sound proofed rehearsal rooms. I never took lessons, and my 1 year of both trumpet and guitar as a boy, didn't leave me with any music reading skills to speak of.

But the lure of its expressive potential led me to simple, personal compositions that reflected my poetry at the time. Both were used to help me work through the melancholy that had lodged in my heart.

Ultimately, photography won out over piano. But to this day, I can't help myself when I see a piano sitting there; I have to touch the keys, to gently release my adolescent composition one more time. I wish I'd actually learned to play.

I'm not certain I'd ever have seen Steven Ryders comment on my own, so thank you sharing it.

Thank you for passing this on. Although the only musical device I can play is the radio, I did work in the piano industry in my younger days. This reminded me of a very pleasant evening in Frankfort having dinner with Mr Fazioli.

You made my day Mike.

In the morning, I saw a poorly fed yet surviving cat on a footpath, licking milk out of leaking milk packets. Yellow and Blue buckets were stacked all around the cat holding those milk packets. A wonderful colour combination to see there.
In that dirty footpath, those bright coloured stacked trays were like authorities of rules with campaigning colours, and like a law breaker the cat was even more beautiful.

I think life is 99% gem and just 1% crap when we see the effort to live that we all put in. The intent I mean. Action, since has two sides of impacts, imparts the crap for one of the two.

Keep sharing Mike.


That sounds like an awesome core for a life. Can you provide the link to whatever Mr. Ryder was watching when he penned that meditation?

[It was a comparison between Steinway, Bosendorfer, and C. Bechstein pianos. I have no idea why I was watching it myself. That often happens on YouTube. I've gotten in the habit of "coming to" every so often and asking myself, "is there ANY reason you should be spending time with this?" The answer is often...that I turn it off and go do something, anything, constructive.

Oh, I remember now...I was watching a recital and the piano said "C. Bechstein" on the side of it, and I had never heard of that name. So I googled "C. Bechstein." And there I was. --Mike]

At 75, how I wish I'd taken up Mum's offer of piano lessons, but boyish bravado told me piano lessons were for girls. I yearn to be able to play.

I notice now that in many things, I have muscle memory, where my fingers just know where to go and when. Unfortunately, it's mainly the PC keyboard and the TV remotes. I think my fingers could learn the piano keys, but it's a bit late. Too many other pressing projects.

My grandmother had a player piano by the way, made by Beale. I occasionally used to load up a roll or two, but that's not playing, just playing around.

By the way Mike, your "On-line Photographer" logo has disappeared from the header of your web page, in Firefox anyway. There's just a blank space where it ought to be.

Many thanks for sharing that.
That 1% gives us hope in humanity.
If only another 1% could give us the same hope.
Reminds me of Ben Elton’s first book - Stark.
Context - ABC in Australia is similar to BBC in UK, although funded differently.
Sorry - I don’t want to start a comments flame war. I just read TOP and then read the above story. 1%ers…

Interesting tale.

Is the ‘public piano’ a thing in the US? In the UK many large railway stations have an old upright piano in the concourse for anyone to play. Most performances are pedestrian or even shambolic, of course, but occasionally one strikes home. I’ve had a number of beautiful moments. (There are YouTube videos, of course.)

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