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Friday, 28 October 2022


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Nope, no header. And there was a page from CloudFlare that said something about checking if the site was secure before landing here.

For the first time, I see no header. I'm sure it will show up sooner or later.

I think your system needs a rest day every week; something like the Sabbath to rejuvenate.

The cloud fare thing is likely just the new servers being cautious. I’ve seen it before after dos attacks. Likely Typepad will have to fix.

not seeing the header from here at all...


As you found, I suppose, it's possible to publish posts but not possible to upload photos.

I followed your example from a few previous occasions and republished a couple of older posts, in this case by copying and pasting them within TypePad's interface, which means the photos are already up there. One was from my first few months of blogging in 2018, the other, my first ever Monday Photo in 2020.

By the way, I also got a CloudFlare page for a moment when I came here.


I've never had that or any other problem in my 18 years with Blogger…

Hooray, your top TOP logo is back again after an absence of a couple of weeks.

But I first got a never before seen "Checking if your site is secure" notice before the site came up. Very strange. It looks OK now though.

Have you considered moving to a email subscription platform such as Substack? They offer paid subscriptions that you can charge for some content and they email out each post.

Hi Mike,

You might find this recent documentary about cameras used in space interesting.



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