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Sunday, 16 October 2022


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Car Coming?

"Corn at the Harvest" for me, thanks!

My choice would be the wheel against the barn and the interior view with the staircase.

I won't be buying prints but I vote for Interior and Corn at the Harvest.

This whole monochrome thing you've been doing has me thinking of how much I like that and thus intending to take some monochrome photos on an upcoming trip to AZ. Maybe I should commit to monochrome for the whole trip.

You've been busy! I say Vultures and Rain Across The Valley.

Corn at the harvest is an obvious choice

Pond & Birds
Gulls, Keuka Lake

Cows in search of shade

Mike, here’s some considerations:
Shadow/Sunlight Test, Two Birds, Osprey Nest, House Covered in Ivy, Sun After Rain, A Perfect Day.

I would propose Landscape OOC and Miami Motel as the two additional prints. However, if one were choosing them primarily for their value as sensor / rendering tests, different choices might be better. (I'm more interested in them just as photos so my choices are on that basis.)

Train Coming-

I’d say
“Two Birds”
“Miami Motel”

And “Barn Wall” as a runner up.

Barn Wall and Gulls Keuka Lake

Mike, what a gifted photographier you are! We see it to seldom at your Page!

›Cows in Search of Shade‹ & ›Sun After Rain‹.

I will not be purchasing a print, but I want to add my 2 cents of art appreciation. I cannot help but love "Butters on Alert" for obvious reasons, as I am an animal lover. However, "Vultures Eating the Remains of a Deer" is exceptional in composition and tonality to my visual cortex. Good luck with the sale, Mike.

Wow! I asked what you workflow was going to be for printing your excellent Sigma fp test images. You have provided a great answer, one that I had not anticipated. I have no doubt that Ctein's prints will be beautiful.

My choice for the other prints offered in your sale would be Flowers at the Edge of a Field and Honda in the Rain. I would like to see Car Coming and Honda in the Rain hanging side by side but that's just me.

As Car Coming and Wet Asphalt are givens, others that I'd think a print would be nice would be, in no particular order: Rain Across the Valley, Corn at the Harvest, Flowers at the Edge of a Field, Chapel Door (for some reason I like the idea of a small print on this one, maybe because it has a small amount of real estate on the composite Flickr page? hmmmmm), and Gulls, Keuka Lake.

Notwithstanding the slightly mephistophelean mood lighting, I'd go with the large-framed Bach. It will give you the opportunity to riff on the Ansel Adams:Bach (and highly structured music generally) connection. See, eg, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efHKUxrgC0U

A subject well worth a Johnstonian meditation.

Another vote for Corn at the Harvest. Best in your portfolio, to my eye.

Not a vote/nomination or for public consumption, just some thoughts for you Mike...

In recent months have picked up my OM2n again and started using it with the 40/2 Zuiko and some very out of date B&W film. I have no idea when I'll get round to seeing the results but the process is as enjoyable as it ever was.

These images have prompted me to consider subject matter that I might previously have discounted. The most notable examples for me are Pan-Focus and Rain Across The Valley. These seem to be communicating a real sense of place and have prompted me to rethink the assumption that a landscape image (or any subject for that matter) needs to have strong lines or shapes to be of interest when it is presented in monochrome.

I have enjoyed looking at the others too, it's great to see thoughtful B&W work posted. I look forward to seeing more of them when you have the opportunity.

There's something lyrical about Miami Motel. I just love the play of the shadows of the neon tubing against the face of the sign, the flowerbed underneath and the crisp white of the building. It's pure poetry. If I had to make a second choice I'd go with Corn at the Harvest.

Here's a print sale article that is not so nice. Hopefully we won't be getting fake Mike Johnston product. 😉

PetaPixel: FBI Arrests Gallery Owner for Forging Ansel Adams Photos.

I have no budget for art these days, so I'm just kibitzing, but "A Perfect Day" gets my vote for a big print. I like the action-packed "Vultures Eating", too, but that many "looking down the road" pictures would make it a theme.

I know it's "just" a test shot, but I still enjoy the warmth and coziness of "Interior", especially contrasted with the outdoor vistas, so that's my second vote.

I liked Miami Motel and Cauliflower. Also Two Birds and Osprey Nest. I sorta liked Rain across the Valley, but it felt a little gloomy for sustained viewing.

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