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Wednesday, 19 October 2022


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Destacado Señor Don Quixote!


I’m interested in doing a conversion to BW. Does Daniel have a web site?

[Yes, just Google Monochrome Imaging Services. --Mike]


Maybe "Sun After Rain" is too expansive, compared to most of the other photos on display. Perhaps "Rain Across the Valley" would be a more popular choice, with its lack of a large negative space. From my computer display, it looks like there's enough delineation for the distant rain to show up well in a print.

"Corn at the Harvest" is quite a small subset of the grand landscapes contained in many of the other photos. I won't hazard a guess at what makes that a favorite for some of the readers.

It's funny about selecting. I consider myself as having that an ok eye, shooting technique and post processing hand in the computer (I have been featured in this very fine site at keast once, so that settles the matter!), selecting the keepers is a very tricky and very different skill from the ones above.

I was editing some photos one day and my wife went past me and immediately stopped saying "oh wow how come you haven't showed me that photo before? It's fantastic!" What I had discarded previously turned out to be one of the Keepers (capital K) and I wouldn't have found it without her.

I also ran an experiment; I took 250ish of my shots, a mix of what I considered my best, what I thought people would consider the best, some deliberately planted mediocre shots that I out there as controls, and some in betweeners. The results did shock me, as the internet clickbait adage goes, and there was a very clear preference for some shots that I would have ignored otherwise, and a very painful disinterest for some that I held dearly. But the exercise was very enlightening and helped strengthen the final selection (which of course I have yet to put online because where is the time to do anything these days?).

In short, I think I need an editor :-)

I have had a few photo books printed, and watched people go through them. Some interact with me, others not, but I can notice which photos get attention and how much.

Some appeal to everyone, some only to a few, others to a different few, etc. I believed I had one clunker; everyone just flipped past it with hardly a glance. Then one friend was so moved that she broke out crying the moment she saw it.

Taste is mysterious.

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