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Tuesday, 18 October 2022


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The X-T5 should check a lot of boxes for you. The beloved tilting screen. IBIS. 40mp's might be nice. The larger battery and a bit more grip being frosting on the cake. And it might have a better EVF if it uses the one from the X-H2.

I'll be sticking with my X-T4. I'm fine with the flippy screen, and 26mp is plenty for me.

(I think Fuji is doing the logical thing going back to the tilt screen for the X-T5. The screen will be the same then as the X-T30ii and likely the X-T50 whenever it is released. The flippy screens will be relegated to the X-H2's it would seem, although the X-S10 also has one, so maybe the flippy screens will be for the PSAM models, but who knows.)

No more Norton big red warning. Yay!

[Glad to hear it. The site also checks out at safeweb.norton.com. I can't but help be a little suspicious about the whole thing, though. --Mike]

"...I ought to begin saving up for an X-T5. I have a lot of Fujinon X lenses..."

Or, hear me out, get one or two X-T3 bodies and be done with new cameras. You get the three way LCD (that vertical tilt missing from the X-T1 is very useful) and a noticeable but not ridiculous increase in resolution for a great price.

I chose the X-T3 over the X-T4 and as a stills only guy, I never regretted it, in fact I bought a second one for redundancy and longevity. I won't be looking at the X-T5. I should be dead before the second X-T3 dies.

Yep. If the tilting viewing screen is confirmed in the announcement count me in.

Well I must say that I loved the three way tilting screen but eventually went with T4 as I really appreciate the IBIS meaning lower ISO.

Ontop of this approaching seventy I justified this, and all other major purchases, to my other half with the throw away line “ this should see me out” ….

So sad to miss out on the return to tilting but I can live without it

I think Albert's advice to get an XT-3 at a great price is a good one. I'm firmly in the "don't pay for more engineering specification" than you need camp with respect to product requirements. One doesn't need a Porsche GT2 RS to commute to work, a Honda ILX does just fine. Granted, it's not "glamorous", but what does glamor have to do with it?

With respect to the X-H2 series, I think Fuji was caught between a rock and a hard place with respect to the "flippy screen". IIRC, one of the DPR video guys, Chris, said he simply would not consider giving a top rating to a camera that did not have a flippy screen. Because as we know about all the YT reviewers.....it's all about them. Even though, in most cases, they are not actual customers.

Personally, I wish Fujifilm had made the video-centric X-H2S with the flippy screen, and the stills-centric X-H2 with the 3-way tilting screen, but that would have likely made the product specification, BOM, and parts management a lot more complex.

As I learned the hard way working in Biotech both as a scientist and a Design for Six Sigma Master Black Belt (teaching scientists and engineers how to be better...scientists and engineers-what a concept!), all product development involves a set of design and functional compromises. There are no perfect products that meet all customer needs in all use cases.

Overall, I think Fujifilm does a very good job considering and meeting customer's requirements. More than I can say for Sony, who put forth an ethos that "it's all about them".

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