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Sunday, 23 October 2022


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After I managed to go out with no card in the camera, I swore it would never happen again.

You've all guessed it; I did it again. Now I keep a card permanently in my wallet, for when I forget yet again. I've only used it once so far...

FWIW, I've used my Sony A7R III for five years now without using the supplied battery charger. I simply charge a battery in the camera using a USB-C cable plugged the camera's port and into into either a portable power pack or an Apple wall wart. Something like this could work with your fp(M).


Yes, I wasn’t keen on the Sigma fp idea of charging in the camera. But then I discovered, courtesy of some guy in Austin who also has one, that the clutch of batteries that I have for my Lumix FZ1000, and the charger for them, also work in the fp.

The fp battery could be directly charged via USB-C.

No media, huh? My Leica M11 couldn't figure out how to make room for two chips in its film-slim frame, so they embedded 64 GB of writeable store into the new processor that is inside it. Once chip comes out, the other is always inside, and the internal chip is a bit faster than the inserted one. They sure made some fine lemonade out of that one.

"No Media." Fer Pete's sake,”
Mike you are refined and polite. Even if I don’t verbalize my thoughts I think in harsher terms when that happens. (And it does happen).


A replacement unit for my Pentax K1II only costs $49.00 and it's got the "deluxe" features that the cheap units don't include. (Won't overcharge the battery and catch fire, etc.) A quick charge unit is available for $100, but my "in the box" charger is fast enough. I just bought extra batteries. :>)

Now that your have the camera why not keep it in your vehicle? Get a cheap bag to store it in, a few spare batteries and a tripod. Then no matter where you are you will always have a camera with you. And you will never have an excuse about the "shot that got away". Oh and always store it out of sight of thieves!

In my FP I use the batteries that I had for my GH2 and the charger as well. Spares on Amazon.

Zack S suggested "why not keep it in your vehicle?"

Personally, I've never been comfortable leaving a camera/lens in our car because of concern about damage from the extreme heat of the sun beating down on a closed vehicle. (Check the specs for the permitted temperature range.)

Also because cars are often broken into by thieves. (I've got insurance, but dealing with an insurance company has been an awful experience for me, every single time, so best avoided.)

Is it just a USB charger? When it comes to USB, there can be a big difference in chargers. Nowadays, fancy expensive ones (PD capable) can push out over 100 watts of power. An old of cheap one might just be giving you 5 or 10 watts. Depending on your device, that can make a huge difference to your charging time. (Don’t get started on cables as the power and data rate specifications are separate, so you can get a fancy “fast charge” cable which only does 480 Mb data transfer)

I found a nice leather "wallet" that holds a battery (I never seem to forget to take a spare battery) and two SD cards. Handy!

(I'd post a pic here, but I do not know how)

Mike, have you heard that the newly released Hasselblad X2D has 1TB of hyper fast BUILT-IN ssd storage? There's also a CF Express slot for even extra shooting capacity or, perhaps, dual-write backup of files.
I think this is a brilliant idea that I would think will, or should, catch on with other brands. Anyway, with the X2D you will never leave home without "film."

I lost my lens cap for my LEICA 90 MM LENS . Replacement cost $50
for a simple lens cap but oh I’m paying for the Leica name on a piece of plastic! Bill

Life as a pro photographer always (ahem, always should) teach(es) that back-up kit is essential: batteries, memory cards, lenses, camera bodies, flash units.

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