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Thursday, 29 September 2022


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And from such anecdotes countless (useless) Asian proverbs have been born.

Supposedly there are fox in Arizona, though I've not seen any. The ubiquitous coyote we have, which will make a meal of just about any animal smaller than it. Recently on a morning after a storm I found the remains of a wild duck on my front yard.

Cats are a favorite and anything domestic(small) will do but a wild duck?

Yeah, we have all kinds of hawks and owls but the very few remains suggest a larger predator. I mean, the neck and head were the only whole parts untouched. Literally.

Baby dragons? Yeah baby!

Light attracts some insects, maybe the toad is hunting in your pool of light? (And so was the fox maybe!)

[That door next to the light does attract a wide variety of insects, you're right. --Mike]

had to smile at your post title,

being an ex pat it sounded very much to me like a great name for an old english public house.

can imagine such a place set in the cotswalds
complete with a river running past it, thatched roof and all and of course warm beer!

Following on from Brian’s comment, does the shed / pool hall have a name yet? :~)

[Not really. I tend to call it "the pool table shed," because "the pool shed" tends to confuse people--I think it puts them in mind of something having to do with a swimming pool. --Mike]

Toads secrete a nasty poison from the two large glands behind their heads. Dogs can’t eat them, I’m surprised that foxes can.

Why not MY POOL HALL ? Simple and honest.

I don't imagine raw toad tastes too good.

Like H Bernstein I would be surprised if foxes eat toads. Dogs drop them immediately and then foam at the mouth — I have plenty of toads in the garden so have seen this several times over the years.

Or you can call it, The Pool Vestibule.

“The Billiard Box”?

You should probably just refer to your billiard room as the place to be.

“The Fox and Toad” has a certain ring to it.

Another vote for “The Fox and Toad”.

Many years ago, during my misspent youth, a girlfriend and I would collect real English pub names, while also making up our own.

A satisfyingly actual name was the 'Beetle and Wedge', on the river Thames.

Beetle in this instance, not being potential food for a toad, but a large wooden mallet. Combined with the wedge, it was used to split logs along their length.

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