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Tuesday, 13 September 2022


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I guess it's a plus that the SmallRig looks like one of the elephants has escaped from a box of animal crackers and wrapped itself around your camera. We all need an occasional reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.

To paraphrase the Rolling Stones,
I see a wood grip and I want to paint it black.

I'll counter Pete Williams' musical reference with my second CSN related post in just a couple of weeks: "Wooden Grips on the..."🎶🎵😀

You're lucky to have so many choices. Glad you found one that works, and that you got to try them all before purchasing one.

Yes on the design of the SmallRig grip , but a strong no on the color. Is that really where you want to draw the eye?

That's one funky elephant grip, but it kinda goes with the "micro view camera" aesthetic. I wonder if there are any tilt-shift lenses or adapters for that mount.

Cor blimey mate, sabitofanandful, init?

It do look like a nelefant though dunnit?

[What? --Mike]

Mike - I'm afraid you can wiggle and shake all you want but in the end you'll finally agree your iPhone meets all your needs at this stage in your life.

Re Small Rig


I love wood grips. First one I saw was on the Pentax 6x7. When I bought my Pentax LX there was a guy selling wood grips on his site in Australia. I got one and I love it.

Good to see you haven't forgotten the style notes of the Hasselbling of blessed memory.


I understand your reasons, but all those grips add too much to the bulk and complication of the camera for my taste - and they're so uglee (as a Singaporean friend of mine used to say)!

Permit me to elucidate on JTK's comment:

I say, sir! That looks rather a hand full!

But it does remind one of an elephant does it not?

Enjoy your self Mr. Johnston 🖖

Many camera's have been given bad reviews because they didn't fit in the hand of the reviewer. Plus when you get to be an old foggie you get to do it your way, you earned the right. For me I don't care what the camera looks like, I care if it does the job I want it to do. Seems like you have that covered.

I *love* the idea of having a wooden handle in such a techie block of equipment. I am jealous, I wish I could have one.

“Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be.”

—Señor Don Quixote

Cor blimey mate, sabitofanandful, init?
It do look like a nelefant though dunnit?

I say old chap, it's a bit of a handful, isn't it?
It does look like an elephant though doesn't it?

Source: Goggle Translate;-)

It is starting to remind me visually of the Mamiya 645 Pro.

I'd like to commend everyone for not observing that Mike is getting a grip on getting a grip...oh, wait.

Having just spent nearly a week with a Sigma fp-L rig I'm sorry to say that I can't muster your enthusiasm for this camera. While I don't know if it merits dPreview's "Worst Camera of 2021" I can can certainly understand their impressions.

I do have to say, though, that that optical viewfinder was a real kick. Yes it obscures the touch screen controls but it's sure easy on the eye strain! Unfortunately, when paired with a longer lens it makes for a bit of a public spectacle!

But that's beside the point. One man's beast is another's beauty, eh? And you're clearly having a good time with this camera project, much like this guy. So may the lightning strike soon!

A camera that needs add-ons to be usable is badly designed. Change my mind.

[If you look into it at all, you'll find that the camera body is designed primarily for video and is intended to be the core of a modular system that allows you to build your own video rig. There are a large number of aftermarket cages marketed for it, and a large number of accessories. Google "Sigma fp rig" and then hit "shop" to see some examples. Sigma makes two grips themselves and there are many other options. It's not a camera meant to be set-and-forget for one purpose. --Mike]

As cheap as the grips are keep a couple! Down the road if you want to run a minimal sized rig for a specific trip or event, you could remove the viewfinder and have a completely new camera before switching back.

I’m excited about this project and dying to see more pictures (especially after conversion!] Maybe a weekly feature post of a few pics from the camera? Thanks for doing this Mike.

Following up on Kirks comment about his size, Mike, what size do you consider your hands to be? Your grip of choice looks quite large.

[I would call my hands "large-ish." Not overly so, but on the large side. As for the size of the grip, I wouldn't say it's large. The camera itself appears larger in pictures than it is; I posted a large (yes) number of comparison photos with it and other objects for scale, in the post called "Becoming a Sigma Fan (Sigma fp)." --Mike]

“The road to excellence is always under construction.” – Anonymous

Two thoughts.
Mike's photos of the camera are excellent -says the EBay wannabe (Wannabay?)
DPReview is a poor copy of what it was, even though it claims to be "editorially independent of Amazon". It is in my list of reviewers to take with a large pinch of salt. And please don't give me a video when I could read what you have to say in a quarter of the time.

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