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Friday, 16 September 2022


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"Novak Djokovic's refusal to be vaccinated has kept him out of tournaments,..."

If he was able to play, he'd walk over everyone, since his vaccinated opponents would be weak, feeble and rotting from within for being foolish enough to take a vaccine that killed... oh yeah, virtually nobody. How long can some people keep believing the conspiracies?

Tiafoe has a great story of his own. As one of the rare highly ranked African Americans on the Tour, he got his start at College Park, Maryland (home of my alma mater), at the tennis center where his dad had been a day laborer on a construction crew, and later served as on-site custodian. Living at the center 5 days a week with his dad gave Frances the opportunity to learn and love the sport.

Over the past year, Sinner and Alcaraz played four terrific matches on three different surfaces, each taking two. Somewhat surprisingly, Alcaraz won the two hard court matches while Sinner won on grass and clay, the latter a final in Umag in July.

Looks like tennis fans are in for a very entertaining rivalry.

And, to top it off, he gets an island named after him in San Francisco Bay!

It was really a great US Open this year. While I'm always hoping the best for Rafa, it was great to see some true major (no pun intended) talent in the play of Alcaraz, Sinner, Ruud and Tiafoe this year. What impresses me is not only their talent, which is obvious, but also, and perhaps just as importantly, their discipline and maturity for their age.

And, what is it with Spanish male tennis players? They're incredible athletes and competitors and it's very tough to take them down. I've been watching these guys for the better part of 15 years, and have always been impressed with not just Rafa, but the wonderful (now retired) David Ferrer, who I once watched take Juan-Martin Del Potro apart like he had run into a buzzsaw, "Robbie Bats" (Roberto Bautista-Agut), Pablo Carreño-Busta...and now, we have Carlos Alcaraz.

Personally, I wouldn't want to go up against a SEAL team comprised of these guys.

Actually Margaret Court is the women's tennis GOAT in terms of major tournaments won. But then she has been 'cancelled' because of her views on marriage and so is now largely forgotten.

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