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Friday, 09 September 2022


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You’ll no doubt be indundated with comments that she started a bit of a fashion in “dorgis” (corgi x dachshund) so maybe “dawg” would suit her.


There have been some terrific still photos of the mourners, Royal Family, King Charles III, etc.

Perhaps you could feature some photos that impress you in a separate posting.

"Photo-corgi". 😊

Or “photo-dorgi,” as she would have also understood. Thanks to her, my mom (now 97) had two of them, each for over 16 years.

Pop Photo has an article with several photos of the Queen with different cameras. Rangefinders, TLRs etc.

[It's linked in the Featured Comments. --Mike]

And she was known to photo bomb


Dorgi… not an official breed, but a fun dog. Thanks, QEII. (Although mom’s were rescue pups, assumed to be dorgi).


It was easy not to like her when she was "our" nepotistically appointed aloof head of state. (She should never have been Elizabeth II in Scotland because there was never a previous one.)

The scandal of her devious and personally beneficial influence on the laws enacted by democratic governments are only beginning to leak out.

Please don't believe for one second that everyone here is mourning her or that the monarchy has widespread support.

Here is a Queen Elizabeth camera story from her former bodyguard that is hilarious... https://www.foxnews.com/world/queens-former-bodyguard-recounts-reaction-tourist-didnt-recognize-lovely-sense-humor

[Here's the origin of that:


one of the best things I've run across in learning about the late Queen this week! --Mike]

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