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Wednesday, 07 September 2022


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And tomorrow: new Fujifilm stuff.

It would be nice to get a post in TOP from Mongolia. Our Mongolian friends are easily recognised by the double "vv" and "uu" found in their names.

And yesterday: the new Hasselblad.

Looks super and works like no other. But I am biassed; grew up a few miles from the factory.

This summer I decided to be honest with myself and recognise that I was simply no longer using my DSLR & lenses. When we went to Dubai in late winter they never left the hotel room; I used the iPhone instead. So during the summer I sold all my photo equipment and I've been waiting for Apple's announcement.

I like the hardware improvements in the iPhone camera system, such the bigger sensors, improved apertures, and the increased resolution of the main camera sensor which it seems can be used in either full resolution mode or in binned 12 mp mode. And of course the continued improvements in the software are also attractive.

But the camera and its surrounding system are just part of the story. What I've come to understand is that good technique is as important with an iPhone as it is with any system. Night mode, for example, works pretty well however you use it, but with the phone on a tripod and exposure triggered remotely (via my Apple Watch, for example), the results can be stunning.

So I'm pretty sure I can see an iPhone 14 Pro in my future. Mastering it is going to be my next photographic journey, and I'm looking forward to it.

Not much new. But the 48mpix camera might be interesting.

Far out, man.

I am so disappointed!

Seeing the title, I was looking forward to some colourful photos of ripe fruit from a local grower accompanied by an anecdote or two.

Ah well, maybe another day soon...

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