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Friday, 09 September 2022


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My question is the 40MP sensor going to be offered to the rest of the X series cameras?

The high end market lives! Or more accurately, the camera market still exists.

When will they add a phone to the camera?

A complete side note, since you have been writing about the fp and Sigma 45 lately. That lens really intrigues me. It might be the single remaining reason I have not "upgraded" my D850 to a Z7 II, because Sigma don't have any plan of releasing lenses for the Z mount any time soon.

I would be really interested in you opinion on the rendering of the lens, because I am still looking for a decent lens to replace my Nikon 45 PC-E in the modern age, and to be honest the PCE is insanely large and heavy, i do like the rendering though. I don't really need the tilt, but the shift is welcome (and of course is not available on the Sigma) but the rendering is the most important thing to me.

The samples I have seen from the Sigma seems to indicate that the lens renders "effortlessly" even with complex bacground, something i really appreciate in a lens. I don't think I could live with the FP as a camera though, It would be to limiting to not be able to do birds in flight and the occational home studio work with the same camera I use for landscapes. I did try a Sony a7R2 a year ago and found the viewfinder to be appaling so had to sell it, word is that the Z7 (and Fuji/Leica) is much better in that regard. Leica SL and M are to expensive, Panasonic seems good but come on it is so heavy I can just hang on to my D850 for a couple of more years. So I am stuck, maybe I just have to pick up an FP on sale to test it, might be a hard sell later though. Or maybe a Nikon Z 35 or 50 would solve it completely.

[I really like the 45mm ƒ/2.8 so far, although the bokeh is ugly. But I need quite a bit more time with it before I write about it. --Mike]

A couple of interesting thoughts about this sensor. Directly by their own statements in the past and by inference in the past few days, Fujifilm says many of their lenses were not designed to resolve 40mp. A couple of years ago a UK Fujifilm manager said their lenses were originally designed to resolve up to 32mp. To answer customer’s questions about this, Fujifilm issued a list of lenses that will “get the maximum benefit from the X-H2’s 40.2 megapixel sensor.” I don’t know if that actually means the listed lenses will fully resolve all the detail the sensor is able to capture.

I read two things into this. First, many customers may be angered by this and decide not to purchase this camera or the upcoming 40mp X-T5 because the lenses they own can’t take advantage of the higher resolution. They would have to decide that they either have to buy ones that supposedly will or be satisfied with lesser resolution. Also, puzzlingly, the 16-80mm f/4 lens is not listed as a lens that can resolve 40mp yet it is the lens they chose to sell with this camera as a kit. Go figure?

[You're talking to the wrong guy, because to me the 16-MP Fuji sensors are fine and there's nothing wrong with using any lens on any sensor. Is it so terrible when people adapt old film lenses to modern mirrorless sensors? Doesn't that work fine? Optimizing resolution per se is a highly niche activity, always has been, and has very little to do with whether pictures succeed. Personally I think it's rather silly to even bring out a 40-MP APS-C camera--Fuji already has the resolution game won with its medium format cameras. I understand why they're doing it—because of the demands of the marketplace and the perceptions of what the competition offers--but it's all really rather silly. If people want the ultimate in resolution above all else, there's a GFX 100 for that. --Mike]

The X-H2S is also intended for sports and motor racing PJs, not just videographers. For example, it wouldn't have all the AF functionality for locking onto racing cars at speed and the battery grip it has if it wasn't.

Looks like a great camera except for the flippy screen.

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