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Thursday, 08 September 2022


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We'll hope for mild symptoms, and a quick recovery!

Sorry to hear about you getting COVID, I am currently in day two of full blown symptoms. They are quite similar to yours, I received the vaccine and then the two boosters. I am convinced they have reduced the severity of my symptoms. Get well soon, we all need you to continue with your SIGMA FP journey but more importantly your recovery. I just can’t believe COVID is still hanging around for 2 years now.

[Best wishes to you too, Peter. --Mike]

It seems to have everyone's name on it. I still have been lucky, but my wife, daughter, and most of my friends have had it. One of the common symptoms seems to be the fatigue, sometimes strong fatigue. A friend said he usually bounces back from the flu, but covid held him down and directed him towards the couch for a week or so. As grandmas the world over say, stay hydrated. Eat whatever you want, ice cream and chicken soup if that sounds good.

Get well soon, my friend.

Hope it’s not too serious and that you get better soon, Mike.

We (in the UK) have pretty much the same government guidance - it’s OK to go out after n days. But I did some digging and found this recent research paper. Published in The Lancet, the research was done by Imperial College London and this article summarises the findings: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/239213/realworld-study-details-average-duration-infectiousness/

Note that while the paper is only recently published, the research is 12 months or more old. So it might not be as applicable today with the different variant. Or it might be 100% applicable!

Welcome to the club. My wife and I got it on July 30. Down for a week, then out of work due to protocols the second week, still having wooziness and weakness the 3rd week. Normal now, but still got a little congestion. Both of us got Paxlovid, not sure if it helped or just prolonged it. My wife got a fever 3 days after I did, and although she had it milder her temperature and positivity lasted longer. I lost at least 10 pounds.

Sounds like you're about ready to do a little light gauge 8-ball hustling at your local dives, if you can stand to be in a bar.

Good you are taking care of yourself. May your symptoms clear quickly, and your energy rebound as well!

Well if it's any consolation my daughter is also on day 3, just tested positive today also. We'll get you both through it.

You should have punned on the previous title:
"Got the grippe: Mike"

Sorry to hear that. It’s happening to all of us at this point. And btw, I highly recommend getting a Rx for Paxlovid. Great drug. Will knock COVID down fast. Also get some hard candies to deal with the bad taste in your mouth.

Get well soon, Mike!

Deb & I caught the bug last year but we got over it. My attitude to flu or a heavy cold ( or Covid ) is to just let it take its' course - rest, keep warm & let your body's defences deal with it. Don't try to fight it or tough it out. You'll get well faster.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

You and Butters take care of each other, and hopefully things will pass quickly and with no leftovers.

Always want the best for you, Mike. Sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

COVID is just a five letter word not found in the bible nor in Shakespeare.

I had that sore throat and it's no joke.Take care, rest and concentrate on getting better. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

The ever-changing guidelines are being pulled in one direction by good old fashioned caution and in the other direction by people who don’t want to wear masks. If it were me I would definitely err on the cautious side, for the sake of the more vulnerable people in the community. At the least I’d keep the mask in public until five days after symptoms disappear.

Hope you heal quickly and fully!

So close (to the bivalent booster) and yet so far.

We've not modified our behavior yet. Which is to say, effectively practicing hermitry, except for essential shopping once each two weeks, as well as medical visits, and masking then. It helps being retired and able to do that, but others looking at us as outcast fools isn't fun. Especially family members whose invitations we've turned down.

On the other hand, we haven't contracted the disease and are not part of the "long-term clinical trial" that is long COVID.

Get well soon, Mike. Don't push it.

Best wishes for mild symptoms and a quick recovery, Mike.

My partner and I caught COVID in late May whilst travelling in Spain, despite our precautions. Our experiences differed. I had received my fourth shot just three weeks before and experienced two days of extreme lethargy without any other symptoms. After sleeping two days I felt completely good on the third day (!). However, my very healthy partner had not yet qualified for the fourth shot, and her third shot was by then five months old. She experienced painful sinuses and nausea for seven days and wasn't well for another seven.

That’s the pits. Wonder where you came in contact with it. So far I have been fortunate, but over 70, over weight, type 2 with high blood pressure, I’ve been very cautious and still wear an n95 when out shopping. Fully vaxxed and boostered but that’s like air bags and seat belts, happy I have them, but hope I never find out how well they work.

Saw this right after my appointment to get the bivalent Moderna vaccine this morning. My fifth jab for Covid. Hopefully it will help protect against BA4 and BA5. We no longer go to parties, have not flown since 2019, don't go to restaurants that don't feature patio seating and turn down work with companies that don't have a vaccine protocol in place. So far B. and I have eluded Covid. She gets her new vaccine next week. We like to do them a week apart so we can help each other through the side effects. All that time saved gives me more opportunities to look at cameras on the web and waste money....

Hope your course is short and easy. Lots and lots of water...

Hope everything remains mild for you, Mike.

Take care....

Feel better Mike!

My wife and I are yet to test positive for covid. We're fully vaccinated and are due our second booster later this autumn. After long periods of going without seeing our friends and family, plus avoiding the places that mean something to us, life has returned to normal because of the vaccines. I can't help wondering what it will be like when the inevitable covid calls.

I hope your brush with it is quick and mild


Hello Mike:

I am very sorry that you have Covid. I hope that you have a quick and complete recovery. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the very best. Take it easy and take it slow.

Best wishes…

Lots of experience using Rapid Anti-gen Tests or RATS here - they seem to require a fairly significant viral load to show a positive result - far more than the lab standard polymerase chain reaction or PCR tests, which are for all practical purposes definitive (if slow - but in Victoria, Australia, still provide by the Government for free). My entirely anecdotal experience from my workplace, friends and family, and especially with immuno-comprised friends and family who have special need to avoid SARS viruses, is that by the time a RATS test shows positive you have had COVID and been contagious for at least two days. And since RATS seem to show false negatives about 10-20% of the time (i.e. insufficient viral load to trigger positive report), I operate on the basis that a minimum of two negative RATS restyles over two consecutive days are required to be reasonably satisfied there is no COVID infection, especially if any possible symptoms are showing. Obviously, one could do more but cost does become an issue when testing is required several times a week. I have yet to hear of a false positive RATS, although with free PCR testing here, a very faint result might make the trouble of a PCR test worthwhile. Get well soon, Mike.

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