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Thursday, 11 August 2022


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Home Fires II is terrific. Bruce Haley is a superb photographer with a very clear sense of what he's about. I'm glad you featured it as your Book o' the Week.

The big problem with Canon's R mount APS-C cameras is the lens choice - it's very restricted, and what there is doesn't seem to be very good optically. Yes, of course any RF lens could be used, but as with their APS-C DSLRs, the focal lengths are all wrong (until you get into truly long lens territory, where a combination of the 90D + 100-400 EF has been a strong package for wildlife photographers). For example, the 24-70 is effectively a 38-112 on APS-C, which is a tad too long. At least in EF APS-C there are other suppliers, Sigma especially - one of their 17-70 f2.8-4 lenses has been my walk-around lens of choice on my recent Canons. But Sigma have made no announcement about producing RF versions of this or any of their other APS-C lenses, so that solution no longer exists.

In fact (and apropos of other recent conversations) I've just sold my Canon equipment, which was all APS-C. Over the last couple of years I've hardly touched it - the iPhone has become my go-to camera. I took the 90D to Dubai earlier this year but it never left the hotel room - the iPhone sufficed. I don't know if this is because I've decided (subconsciously) that it's just too much hassle carrying a separate camera bag around, or because I'm (uncritically) happy enough with iPhone images. We'll see: in the next few weeks my equipment sales will have completed, the next iPhone will have been announced, and I shall decide between a new iPhone or something like Fujifilm X or even Micro43. One thing I'm pretty sure about: I won't be buying a Canon R7 (or the cheaper R10); still too big, and restricted lens choice.

You like micro four thirds, don't you Mike?

The LEICA DG SUMMILUX 15mm / F1.7 ASPH. (H-X015E) Micro Four Thirds Lens is... a revelation. Please please please, get one in. Try it yourself.

It's the only favour I'll ever ask of you.

Sorry, I don't see how Petapixel in any way compares (let alone competes) with TOP, it's basically little more than a click bait compilation of: photo industry news, commercial endorsements and commentary often bordering on racist and/or misogynist.* It's a fairly competent resource for the latest industry news, other than that...

PS- Big fan of Bruce Haley's Home Fires, Vol.1.

*Full disclosure- I was banned from their site for repeatedly pointing out and criticizing the latter.

Thanks for the link. I’ve been pondering the R7 since its announcement due to its much longer reach over my 6D/100-400 II combo. The R7’s APS-C sensor and ability to autofocus at f/8 with a 1.4 teleconverter would give me an extra 500mm of reach which is nothing to sneeze at. I’ve been wondering about its high ISO performance which is the one thing I value more than reach and it’s nice to hear I can go as high as ISO 1600.

I hate to admit it but I could also use some help with my tracking skills and the R7’s autofocus tracking and in-body image stabilization would have been a big help this past week. I just returned from a family reunion of my own and my favorite sequence had a low hit rate due to my creaky skills and old camera. My sisters went for a walk in the neighborhood and as they returned I stepped out into the street with my non-stabilized EF 135mm f/2 set to 1/500 sec at f/2 and fired away. When they noticed me they joined hands, picked up their pace, and walked right at me. A few shots didn’t work because they were talking and laughing and their mouth shape is not right and in others shots they were out of the focal plane. I would have loved it if every shot in that sequence was sharp.

Your mention of PetaPixel made me realize that although I've read their articles directly because of links, I've never gone to their home page. So I did. I had a hard time spotting the articles separately from the ads, and the articles I had not yet seen from the articles that had already been displayed in a thumbnail-only format. Thank goodness TOP didn't turn into that - I'll stick with reading your clean, intelligible site, thank you.

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