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Thursday, 18 August 2022


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I lost my M9 in a car fire, and just last week, I sold my M Monochrom ("M9M") and purchased an M10. I love the improvement in the body ergonomics over the M9 series. I missed the Monochrom "colors" terribly, so I spent $27 for a set of Lightroom presets for B&W M9-like B&W conversion, and I am very happy with the results. The M10 gives very clean ISO1600/3200 images and the converted B&W images look very nice as well.

The M246 was based on the M type 240, which came between the M9 and the M10, and for some reason had no numeric designation.

Jeff: M9 platform has [...] a RAW (DNG) based histogram (unique to this camera).

Why did they drop it? Why doesn't every camera have that? That would be such a useful tool!

I know from experience that I can get good separation of clouds and sky that the jpeg doesn't even hint at, but a raw histogram would let me optimize my exposures.

The whole ETTR thing is just a vague suggestion to allow better raw exposures. I remember seeing ways to fake raw exposure data with an intentionally whacky white balance setting.

Why not give us the data in a histogram? It should be easier than even a jpg histogram. Is this too esoteric? Why couldn't it at least be an option?

Mike, have you covered this? This fits into the current discussions of B&W.

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