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Friday, 05 August 2022


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You can still get a Zeiss Contaflex Super B from France for about 80 Euros.

The seller says, "“Très bon état général pour cet appareil, léger manque de gainage au niveau de la visse pour sacoche.”

Whatever its meaning, sometimes you buy for old times sake.

Dan K.

[I do have one; it was my grandfather's. I have some slides, in a fancy case, that he made with it, and a few dye transfer prints he had made from some of the slides. None are terribly good, and none are terribly bad. I really have yet to look at them all, because I don't have a slide viewer. I have no idea if the camera works, although I doubt it. But I don't need it to work. It's just a keepsake. --Mike]


I too was allowed to use my Dad's Contaflex Super BC in high school. I graduated to a Contax RTS and Hasselblad for film. Finally succumbed to the Digital craze and have a bunch of Nikon DSLRs and Mirrorless bodies and a plethora of glass. Thing is I still have the Contaflex and hold it just to have a remembrance. Also still have the RTS, I loaned it too my Dad one day and his acid hands burned a thumb print into the faux leather on the back. This is how the things we have touch our hearts.

Be well;


The passage of time may change the "Use Me" appeal of some cameras. In this article alone, there's a crazy dichotomy between the Argus and the Zeiss.

The C3 is a beautifully simple camera that almost anyone can repair and does not require any specialty tools or knowledge. The Contaflex, on the other hand, is famously complex and hard to repair and it's difficult to impossible to find anyone who will work on them now.

In not too many years, those beautiful Contaflexes will be relegated to shelf queen status simply because there won't be anyone with the tools, parts and knowledge to keep them running. On the other hand, the homely but simple Brick will soldier on for decades to come.

Unfortunately a resounding YES, I believe because of the existence of Craig's List and eBay... both sites easy for one to peddle stolen items out of state. Film cameras not so much because few are familiar with analogue cameras. A local weekly flyer usually lists a few digital cameras for sale. Probably has been a year or so since seeing analog film cameras for sale. Per my experience, film cameras turn up locally at tag/garage sales for either highly inflated (supposedly highly collectable prices) or at bargain basement prices. 

You should continue these "Journey Through the Past." Maybe once a week, like every Thursday. I rather enjoyed them.

I had a Contaflex and liked but honestly my favorite old camera from that era was the Zeiss Contessa 35 I had. Fixed 45/2.8 Tessar, Syncro-Compur shutter & a nice rangefinder system. Glorious pictures.


I may well have to buy another someday as the cost of developing some Kodak Ektar 100 from it would be well worth it.

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