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Sunday, 21 August 2022


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The menus...let's see, how I can say this without being politically incorrect...the menus feel like suddenly encountering a sensible adult after spending years surrounded by fractious five-year-olds.

LOFL... you know that I've been using Sigma gear for a long time Mike, and I'm just gonna say that every time I hear (or see) someone slag on the menus, I just say to myself--hey, works for me...

I'm actually excited that you're liking the first exposure to this camera! I do not have an FP series--holding out hope that the yet to be released Foveon/X3 version will have a similar aesthetic. But in all honesty, no matter how amazing the next-gen Foveon will be, there's no way it will compete in the sensitivity/noise department with this camera. And so, I'll probably pick up both...

Enjoy it! I think the sensor is a Sony, if I'm not mistaken.

Sigma's FP cameras were designed as modular video-oriented cameras, rather in the spirit of big systems like Red. Nodding to "Jason's" generosity, I cannot imagine an FP would represent your notion of simplicity and usability. I haven't touched one, but nor have I seen even an encouraging review of one since it was introduced. DPreview even called the FP-L the worst camera of 2021. Ouch.

But, of course, your experience may be different. And all that really counts are the pictures, not the cameras. So enjoy!

Having owned a SIGMA Quattro for a while I just loved the menu system on that camera, it was truly a pleasure to use and so intuitive. SIGMA does not do everything right but that was refreshing. Hope you connect with the loaner and your Monochrome journey bears fruit. We are all waiting for your review and hopefully some wonderful images.

Very cool! Now, go take pictures. Maybe of people.

Just a quick note. The original 24 megapixel model is still in production as far as I know. The 60 megapixel version is an addition to the family.

I note that this camera comes with a 45mm lens. What happens to the image if the lens is wide, say 24mm? No one has yet taken up the point I have raised (and don't know the answer) in a couple of posts here about microlenses and mono conversions. I think the micro lenses are stripped out as part of the conversion. If so, I would expect significant IQ problems for wa lenses on this ILC camera.

That is so ugly and limited and... uh,how much?
Dang you, man - you're dangerous to know.

Whoa, I didn't know there were people converting color digital cameras like this! I'm a 20+ year Canon user (not necessarily fan or aficionado) but I just placed an order to rent a Sony body and 24mm lens - the exact same Canon setup I use 99.3% of the time. If using the camera is nice and the results are good, I'm getting me a new Sony and converting it ASAP.

Reminds me of my circa 1970's Graflex XL Superwide with a 47mm Super Angulon and a RB67 back. A powerful handful with a Vivitar 283 on the shoe. Still have but don't use it.
Film, feh.

You might also be interested to know there is an accessory viewfinder available for the fp with a 90-degree tilt (I remember you liked the tilting finder on the gx8).


If one maker's monochrome were to pitch against the best of another - like the way F1 cars showcase engineering superiority - there could come a day when we will see monochrome cameras built to be monochrome and nothing else.

Just dreamin'

haha. I thought thats the Rollei 6008 at first :D

Looks gorgeous.

I wonder if large-ish clunky cameras like this help with street photography. It would be so unusual that it might attract friendly attention in that it's so weird that it may be seen as harmless or at least a curiosity, an ice-breaker, like a cute dog or something.

Would a film view camera be similarly treated. There may be many people who have never seen one or who may not even know what film is. Might be fun seeing their reaction.

Everything old is new again, except for us.

If DPreview called the FP-L the worst camera of 2021, then you know that this is a functional tool for careful and serious photographers.

Metering Range
-5 to 18 EV (50mm F1.4:ISO 100)

Flash Sync. Speed
Max. 1/30 sec.
* 1/15 sec. or less at 14 bit RAW

The FP meters down to available murk, but the (expected) low flash sync speed will hamper usage compared to a mechanical shutter.

I see the FP-L has much higher resolution, but no IBIS. That seems strange.

That SmallRig cage with wooden handle looks like it's an absolute necessity to keep a good hold onto the camera. The bare body is smooth, without any texture or "mini grip" to assist in keeping it securely in your hands.

That is one long viewfinder!

Good luck taking photos with this loaner. We'll be waiting to read about your detailed impressions, once you've had some "quality time" with the camera. Maybe an "old photo dawg" can learn new tricks! :>)

This camera also looked extremely interesting to me. I love the idea of the camera being modular and very small to start with. Like a commenter mentioned above, the EVF 11 seems like a better match as its a real EVF with tilt. Expensive but seems worth it. Sigma and other brands also offer after market grips to make the camera easier to hold - the smallRig you got is probably selling out because of the video enthusiasts needing extra mount points that this grip offers (which you or many readers may not need).

The two issues preventing me from getting this camera is the fact that it does not have a physical shutter at all, meaning rolling shutter or moving subjects may get askew, and startup times on the camera itself.

One last note - there is a modification that you can get to convert the fixed LCD on the FP to a tilt screen:


If this was included by default and weather sealed I would probably own this camera.

I still have a yearning for one of the Sigma Merrill cameras. Probably the DP2. They're interesting. Small and convenient, yet slow and unconventional. It's a weird combination.

Knew you'd dig that 45. :-)

This sounds like the beginning of a love affair.

I have and use a Nikon Z6 II. I have yet to find someone who is able to convert this color camera to a B&W camera. I am envious of your Sigma's B&W conversion.


[There you go! --Mike]

How weird does it look hanging off your neck?

thanks for the information. The best thing about this article is that it is very in-depth and gives attention to detail

One of my first lenses some years ago was a Sigma 18-200. Loved it even though there was significant vignetting. Earlier this year (and some 30 years later) I picked up another Sigma, the 150-600, which I'm even more enthused with. Both were/are well worth the money.

Mike, I'm enjoying your journey down this monochrom rabbit hole. The stock Sigma FP has a maximum resolution of 6000x4000 pixels. Does this monochrom conversion increase its maximum resolution to 12000x8000 pixels, or is pixel binning still in effect with no increase in resolution?

[The exif says 6000x4000. --Mike]

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