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Sunday, 10 July 2022


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Damn those are late October temps for the Austin area. We peaked a crazy 106f yesterday and it is already 96f at 11:30 AM today. Warmer than it should be but hey it’s a dry heat 👍.

So the Apple Camera app allows you to switch to ProRes RAW mode for photos but a dedicated app such as Halide or Lightroom allows you to just go into RAW mode so that there won’t be any Apple ML/AI ProRes RAW adjustments. The trade-off in straight RAW mode are primarily sensor noise followed by dynamic range.

Michael… I (and many others) ALWAYS come back. Pool, tea, diet, etc… I read what I want, disregard the others (though I’ll typically read some of it, truth be told), and enjoy the photo
Posts. Rarely does a day go by that I’m not wondering “What’s on TOP…?” and then clicking on the link (bookmarked, of course) to get my answer.

All the best, my friend. Keep posting.

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