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Thursday, 14 July 2022


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I have almost no knowledge of Nikon's current SLR lineup. Here is my list of Nikon SLRs in order of desirability TO ME:

F2 with non-metered pentaprism
F3 non-hp
FM with no numbers or letters following
Nikkormat FT-3

I no longer own the FM, but these are the only Nikons I've used, so can't really comment much about others. Oh, my daughter has on of their DSLRs from about 2011. It's OK too.

Mike --

I know that you are enumerating new Nikons here but I must point for any reader in this market that very clean D810s may be had for under $1k. I have one and cannot quite bring myself to spring for a D850; unless you really need the better AF module for stressing action -- I have a D500 for that -- it really is a very close D850 substitute. Yes the D850 has a few more pixels but 36mp is more than enough for razor-sharp 20x30s with the right glass (which is the limiting factor at that point). Did i mention that its 36mp sensor will go to ISO 64 with what is even now industry matching DR?

You are surely correct about the ghastly mirror viewfinder in D5xxx and D3xxx bodies, but I keep a D5500 as a lightweight all-day "beater", for which it is useful. An eyecup helps with the VF. With lens it actually weighs less than an Olympus Micro 4/3 equivalent, but produces much better raw files.

-- gary ray

I suppose this is off-topic, but my never-CLA'd (AFAIK) Spotmatic beater gave up the ghost last year. Mirror doesn't return, probably due to shutter curtain sync fail or whatever.

Anyhoo, I have a spare my brother gave me about three or four years ago that's so ugly, all this time I thought it's a spare *parts* body, maybe.

But the film bay is immaculate, like new! Not even any dust (light seals, don't ask). A previous owner (my brother bought it at a yard sale) stuck dymo tapes all over the bottom relating the towns where they lived, so I think they must have cared, even if they (apparently) stored it in the bottom of a dumpster.

It needs a shot of WD-40 up the backside, the film advance is a bit stiff. I put a roll through it, and will see how bad the light leaks are in due course.

It's absolutely shocking how the prices on old film gear have been hipstered right into the stratosphere. You see, I won't be purchasing Nikons of any vintage, thanks for asking.

The most I paid for a FF camera body in the last ten years is Can$35 for aforementioned spotmatic. Also all my lenses are m-42s. So there's that.

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