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Thursday, 21 July 2022


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That rabbit was a hare away from confrontation. That was a bunny story, Mike.

The rabbit has obviously psychoanalyzed both of you and concluded that all is safe for as long as it stays in your territory. He's the advanced party for about 1000 rabbits waiting and ready to cross the border.

Not too many carrots, Mike. Too high in sugar. If you must feed, leave some Timothy hay. (But as an Aussie, my instinct is to hunt and kill rabbits as a serious, feral, invasive pest, not feed.)

I see some pretty weird behaviour by wild rabbits around my place too. I always figured they're just not very bright.


Beware! I immediately thought of this:

But since you live in the USA, you can probably buy one of these off the shelf in your nearest convenience store:

Have you read "Watership down"? Lot of bold bunnies there (and one of my preferred books, especially in the gorgeous Italian translation).

What a sweet animal, don't scare it away... :)

myxomatosis ?

“One sheltered hare
Has never heard the sanguinary yell
Of cruel man, exulting in her woes.
Innocent partner of my peaceful home,
Whom ten long years’ experience of my care
Has made at last familiar, she has lost
Much of her vigilant instinctive dread,
Not needful here, beneath a roof like mine.”

The Task by William Cowper

Did you tell her that there are old bunnies and bold bunnies, but very few old, bold bunnies?

Oh, and I seem to remember from somewhere that too many carrots are not good for bunnies - they are not normally root vegetable eaters..

Perhaps the bunny feels comfortable around you because deep down inside, it knows that you and Butters are not going to hurt it.

Some of the best conversations are with beings other than the human.

I bet her life will never be effed over by concerns about making a living and photography. Make her your friend, and treat her with absolute confidence, safe in the knowledge that should she ever betray you, a pot awaits in the kitchen. This, if you are subtle enough in imparting the information, will keep her little mind remarkably well focussed in the right direction, and a beautiful friendship will follow.

I live in an older housing development, 1/4 acre lots, (all newer ones are minimum set backs with smallest lots possible).
Anyway there are green belts and every other year the place is overrun with rabbits. Don’t know why there is a two year cycle but there are plenty of hunters also, mainly owls, and on a typical dog walk it’s not unusual to find grey and brown bunny fur spread over several square feet. We have coyotes also but they seem to prefer cats.

just like with kids a lecture is just noise until an event reinforces the words

we've always had dogs (plural) as few as two as many as six

only two intimidated rabbits and squirrels on their own...a greyhound and an irish wolfhound

but every critter that has visited our yard learned that the pack was not to be trifled with

how a bunch of independent beasts can coalesce into a single-minded killing machine is beyond me but it is a thing

one thing about rabbits...they usually have a considered exit

As we were out weeding in the "cool" of the day yesterday, I pointed out a coyote meandering down the street to my wife. We live in the middle of Albuquerque, so a long way from any open space. My wife remarked "Coyotes must be pretty smart, you rarely see a dead one on the side of the road."

Anyway, we do have some wild bunnies in the neighborhood, so if it would have behaved like yours, it probably would be dinner. The old saw about pilots might be appropriate here: "There are bold bunnies, and there are old bunnies, but there are no old, bold bunnies."

do NOT feed bunnies iceberg lettuce! Please - not good. Romaine is OK.

The bunny is hiding. Lots of predators have visual systems tuned to find things that move. Also if something acts like prey it probably is prey, so kill it. If something acts like it isn't prey, don't mess with it if you even see it.

One of my first jobs after college was working as a party and events photographer for an Italian fashion brand with a flagship store in NYC. They would have all sorts of parties for Japanese rock bands, Truman Capote, whoever was on the cover of Interview, etc.

The people I worked for were always amazed that I got photos of obscure Italian soap opera stars, Fiat heiresses, and the like. It was simple, anyone who looked like they were expecting to be photographed I would photograph.

Simple. Act like prey you get eaten. I'm sure if the bunny tried to run Butters would have caught it.

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