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Tuesday, 28 June 2022


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The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera with three lenses is incredible, I'm sure the 13 Pro is even better..... go for it, Mike.


Six is pretty darn old in phone years, and it looks like there are a lot of nice deals now on contract phones.

My iPhone 7 is going on four. I'll be happy if it makes it to six--happy about the phone, sure, but mainly because it would mean that my vision was still good enough to use a screen that small.

I'd decided to have the battery replaced last year when a closer look at the built-in battery app revealed that one app was draining most of the juice. It was the state's COVID tracking/alert app, which was of dubious utility anyway since I was likely the only person in the state using it. Deleted the app and just like that I was back to two days plus on a charge.

The phone before that, on the other hand, had gone bad. Started doing things like typing random letters, paging through the home screen and opening apps. I don't mind using an old phone, but that behavior got really old quick.

Not sure that it's the ideal time to purchase an iPhone, as the iPhone 14 is expected to be out soon, maybe September.

I just bought an iPhone SE. It has the A15 chip of the iPhone 13 and, very importantly being compact, fits my trouser pocket without stressing the fabric.

It is a "need" kind of buy to replace my older 1st version iPhone SE which is (I think) already 5-6 years old, and has no available batteries to replace with and - I'm told - would stop supporting WhatsApp and YouTube in a few months.

you have to get the timing right between your phes depreciting value and the price of a new one. wait too lomg and your existing phone will be valueless for a trade in. verizon for a long con-tract has 'free' phones right now

I was in a touristy location the other evening doing some street photography (with a Camera). Several times folks asked me to make a photo of themselves with their phone and I happily obliged. Typically they would place themselves in front of a scene that identified the location. I moved in and made portraits of them. It was only later that I thought that perhaps what they wanted was themselves in an identifiable location. Other than that people were so preoccupied with their phones they took little notice of me

Do you remember ever having to replace the old black desk phones from Ma Bell?
All they did was work.

When I saw your "iPhone Doodle", I thought it was some science fiction composite that you had put together. I was only when I read your cup of tea explainer, that I realized what I was looking at. Brilliant!

Last month I traded up to the iPhone 13, from an 11. I'm so happy I did! The camera performance didn't matter to me. Every iPhone photo has been good enough to function as a record or sketch, but I'm not expecting camera-level results. It's the overall performance of the new phone that impresses me. A battery that last all day; my last phone would manage about three hours of audio before it was back on the charger. The screen is new OLED tech, and you know the benefits of that in cameras. It's brighter, and bright enough in Day mode to serve as a broad-area flashlight. The speakers are louder and clearer. The squared edges are easier to hold securely. It sets up an plays a podcast much faster, too.

And the weirdest thing is, the new phone makes my car work better! It's a 2017 hybrid with Ford's SYNC 3 system. For three years I've experienced very laggy and inconsistent response when I'd change a radio station. Incoming phone calls might go to the phone, or to the car's speakers, or be lost in between. This irritation is a documented problem with this hardware, and Ford's recommended fix is to replace a dashboard computer for $1200.

I was getting close to doing that, but I chose this $900 phone instead, paid over time. The carrier gave me $400 for the old iPhone 11. After changing my service plan and signing up for three more years of iPhone payments, my monthly bill went down. Then I discovered the happy surprise that my car infotainment problems vanished. When the phone's plugged in (it always needs a charge anyhow), the car's controls work swiftly and consistently. I even received a text the other day, read out by the car- something that hadn't happened in several years.

That's a lot of benefit for an upgrade. Generally I try to restrain myself and not go for every available upgrade. This set of facts may apply only to me, but it shows how your phone deal may turn out beneficial.

"The world is moving quickly. You have to adapt. What else are you going to do?"
I use a $25 flip phone & my phone contract is $10 a month for unlimited calls. Am I really missing anything?

Yes, the 13 Pro camera is a beast. The 3x zoom and the macro are both decent.

My only complaint is that that Apple has, I believe, stepped up the processing seeking a more "painterly" feel resulting in smearing of colors.

This can be avoided, I think, by exporting the RAW photos and doing one's own processing.

I'll be very interested to read your take after you get one.

Greetings Mike:

Turns out that 92% of Apple products are made in China, and our trade relationship with them is very much in question with recent events.

Better get that iPhone now in case it takes a couple of years for Apple to resource manufacturing to another location, should that supply chain get sanctions, etc.

Chris in Wisconsin

I really like that tea glass image.

Re “the Brian malfunction” my father is called Brian, my father-in-law is called Brian, and my son’s middle name is Brian. But this ‘Brian’ was the result of the slightly off-kilter autocorrect in iOS that sometimes corrects words that are spelled correctly but iOS thinks nonetheless cannot be right.

But this does make me want to retrain so I can name some phenomenon “the Brian malfunction”.


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