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Sunday, 05 June 2022


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Well, the Webby Awards have been around since 1996: https://www.webbyawards.com/

While it may not be beautiful in any conventional sense, and is quite flawed, I think wikipedia is one of the web's greatest creations/resources/artifacts.

I have been watching the second hand sweep around the watch face for over 10 minutes. I'm stuck here. I can't remember the last time I saw a second hand.

Please bring back the food posts that I loathe so much.

Petroski’s book on the Pencil is the one that lingers for me.

Being a Brit I assume you mean Joseph Swan as the genius who invented the light bulb? Thomas Edison is the genius who made the world believe he invented it. Actually the developmental history of the lightbulb is pretty congested and that wonder of the internet, Wikipedia, has a pretty good page on this.

Hi Mike

Agreed the mechanical watch page is outstanding.

Have you seen the article about “Cameras and Lenses”?


The one on the “Internal Combustion Engine” is also quite fascinating.



I'll second Mike's recommendation of Petroski. His book, "The Pencil," is a great read. It may sound dull, but there's a wealth of history and technology involved in that simple writing instrument.

I had to google Michael Jordan to find out who he is - and now I shall immediately forget.........

[I admit I had to ask my friend why he keeps talking about "Man United." Now I know what it means (a soccer team from a place called Man). --Mike]

It is a real shame that the World Wide Web also brought us Facebook, Twitter, and some of the other social media tools that are being manipulated to destroy our society and undermine constitutional government in this country. 50 years from now, historians will look back and wonder "What were you people possibly thinking to not regulate these? The danger was clearly evident. "

I bought a copy of Petroski's To Engineer is Human years ago and misplaced it before finishing reading. My hometown bridge is on the cover (Tacoma Narrows). I'll buy a new copy.

And looking over his other titles, I think I can safely tell my wife that any of his books would make an excellent gift.


Mike wrote: [I admit I had to ask my friend why he keeps talking about "Man United." Now I know what it means (a soccer team from a place called Man). --Mike]

Are you taking the piss?

It's Manchester United. Or are you just Liverpudlian?


(BTW, since the rest of the world calls our game American Football, I refer to this game as Un-American Football)

[I know, I was just being jokey. I have a friend--all American--who is way into World Football. He lives and breathes it, big fan, but never been to a game in person! He loves it. Well I love snooker too but have never seen a game in person. P.S. He is a Liverpool fan. --Mike]

A musical genius whose fame spread initially via the Web is Jacob Collier. He's world-famous now, with four Grammys (Grammies?) to his name. He started out making multi-track musical arrangements in his bedroom in North London. This is probably the most famous - to be watched on a big screen using headphones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPLCk-FTVvw
Now he has a whole career doing live shows, but that isn't how he started.

This math video about the "Riemann Zeta Function" and other geometric puzzles is a work of art. You don't really even have to understand what is going on, necessarily.


Thanks for the link to the mechanical watch description. It is great. But just imagine the amount of work it has taken to make it happen. Figuring out the overall description, making all the drawings and animations and putting it together. Huge amount of work. That is why this kind of educational websites are so rare. But that makes the few gems even more outstanding.

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