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Sunday, 19 June 2022


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I'll keep the camera in my phone just so long as someone can figure out how to engineer a viewfinder that I can actually look through or into without changing the form factor of the phone. I know, I know. Physics etc.

My smartphone has made me a better photographer because it is always with me and the film is free. Practice doesn't make me perfect but it makes me better.

And ... the modern smartphone is a powerful editor which allows me to start with a photograph that isn't quite "there" and work with it or retake it.

The result may not always be ideal but it's sure better than no result. And sometimes it is ideal.

Why don't you sell your car and get a Miata?

It is for the same reason we can't have simple cameras.

Also, for reasons, you can't actually replace your current phone with a Light Phone. There's always something.

Your next phone, you can always get one with a high iFixit rating and then remove the camera yourself.

The Penn Yan Diner reminds me of where my mother was from outside of Philadelphia on the NJ side. Lots of diners there as I remember.

Happy Sunday to ya, and what I find my phone camera is best used for (besides visual note taking), is cats! My friends like to see what my kritters are up to. Here is the latest from Jesse:

I seem to have the same “problem”, my phone’s camera system (with three lenses) is so good and so convenient that I barely use my xt-4 and nice complement of prime lenses. Oh, would it that all my problems were thus.

I don’t think it’s laziness, it’s simply that engineers have build an incredible tool that covers most use cases so well.

By the way, having a photographic tool like that when you have young kids is simply awesome!

Who is JB?
Is that a Silk City dinner? There used to be a term for somebody who is “going nowhere“ as being on the Silk City Express. Haven’t heard anyone say that in years although I think it was an anachronism in the 70s. Might have been a line in a detective novel.

Perhaps a novel about a detective hired by her father to find JB last seen in her green roadster. She ditches the roadster and take the Silk City Express. Bad things happen but after some hard boiled coffee and egg metaphors the detective gets the girl and discovers unpleasant things about her father.

Hmm, the Paterson Vehicle Co. or Paterson, NJ didn’t start building Silk City diners until 1927, so the 1925 Penn Yan is probably an O’Mahony or a Worcester.
Source: https://www.roadsidefans.com/diner-faqs

[Good guess, but no..."Manufactured by the short-lived Galion Dining Car company of Galion, Ohio." --Mike]

My son and his girl friend came over for Father’s Day. I wanted a picture of the two of us. I had a choice. I could get out a tripod, connect my camera to a remote shutter app on my iPhone, or just hand the iPhone to let his girl friend take the photo. You know which camera I chose. The iPhone.

Do you ever set the format to square or to monochrome or use any camera apps other than the default?

Just as dedicated photographers take up the One Camera One Lens One Year challenge you could have a personal ‘Always take my camera’ exercise. Wouldn’t even need to be for a full year, just a measured length of time.
You probably already did this in the past. Wasn’t there a time in your life Mike when you would no more forget your camera than you would forget to put your pants on before going out.

It may seem a little odd, but one of the major playgrounds of the Miata is Beverly Hills, home of the Rolls, the Ferrari, the Bugatti, and all those other plutonium automobiles. You see them all the time in LA, often fire-engine red, with the top down; they have so little in the way of logos on them, that I think a lot of people don't know what they are. Might possibly say..."saw a nice little Ferrari roadster today on Santa Monica..."

And oddly enough, the other car you see everywhere in LA is the Prius. I have a serious aversion to Priuses, comparable to my aversion to beets. I also tend to have an aversion to Prius drivers, who have, IMHO, seized the better-than-thou trophy formerly held by Volvo drivers. What is odd about the BH Prius is that BH is the American Veblen summit, and the Prius is the black hole of Veblenism. Or, just a black hole. IMHO.

good that you caption

@bear. The phone and the camera may not match. Iphone is better as you can still have > 6 years … still update is an issue.

And as Thom said perhaps 2 decade ago what we need is a better camera that can communicate well with phone, not replacing it.

So far still can get my iphone talk with my z7. Hasselblad x509 use cable with ipad (iphone it cannot do any simple adjustment but still it can connect). That is what we need.

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