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Thursday, 23 June 2022


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I'd be interested, yes. Thanks for considering it!


Would love to see your distinctive perspective on this unconventional camera.

YES, YES and YES, review that camera for sure. It’s different, unique, deserves your review,opinion, Please !!!!

I was considering it for a bit. Wouldn't mind a proper (aka, TOP style) review.

Dear Mike,
Senior jack-of-all-trades,
I have no M-mount lenses, nor do I have the 4000 Canadian loonies needed to pay for a Pixii. But.... I would value your considered opinion and with the M10 and some lenses on hand, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm sure Butters is ready for another modeling assignment.

I'd be very curious to hear your thoughts on the Pixii. It doesn't look cheap but I'm sure it's less than an M10 or M11! Is it a true rangefinder?

Well, do you have the time? This is an APS-C rangefinder that (initially) seemed it would not stick around long, but here we are with v2. Up to you, but I'm not terribly interested.


If you feel that you can really add any new insight to this lengthy review from last December, sure. (Or if you just want to play with this oddity.) But the short version is that the viewfinder is perhaps the clever bit on this expensive APS-C camera with its associated phone app.

Please review!

I’ll admit I’ll probably never buy one (too pricey) but I’d like to get your take on it.

Yes, you should review the Pixii! After writing recently about simplicity and connectivity in cameras, the Pixii is one that seems to blend both in a way no other manufacturer seems willing to try.

Sure, its expensive, eccentric, and single purpose (no video!), however few others seem interested in reviewing the Pixii, and you will undoubtedly offer a unique perspective on it.

Do please!!

I'm interested!

Yes, I would like to read your review of Pixxi.

I would be very much interested in a (your) review of the Pixii. Notably in the level of flare (as more light gets into the ‘dark room’ around the sensor since the Pixii uses full frame lenses in conjunction with an ASPC sensor), and in whether the rolling shutter creates weird shapes at lower (longer) shutter speeds like 1/45 of a second in photos of moving objects (instead of the usual motion blur). I love rangefinder camera’s and am very much intrigued by this initiative. Also, I think it is a brilliant idea to in this way forego the whole issue of autofocus lenses.

I vote yes.


This made me smile;
I don't remember you ever asking if we're interested in pool (or watches, or..).
So I'd say yes, go ahead;-)
From tropical midsummer Sweden,
greetings, John


Why ever not?

Definitely. A "new" camera that looks like it breaks the mold. Would be curious to hear your take.

Definitely review the Pixii!
I’m curious if the rangefinder with a shortened length can focus as precisely as an M Leica. I’m curious if you will miss having a rear screen for confirmation of focus and exposure. Hey it’s a sensor the size of the M8 you once disliked, but lighter, with a better sensor, but no screen.

It is a very interesting camera design. As one who has shot several of the Fuji x100 hybrids in search of a camera small and light enough to constantly carry, I wonder if you could expand your comparison to them as well as the Leica.

I'd love to get a Mike Johnston review of such a unique camera. You offer so much more insight than your typical reviewer.

I have visited the Pixii website a couple of times. I think right now this is the only camera in production using the Leica M mount, other than Leica of course. No doubt that a Pixii review from you would be well worth reading. I think the Pixii is an interesting concept. With all the talk of camera/phones and phone/cameras recently I would really appreciate your take on it.

Mike, your reviews are always a welcome treat, IMHO.
Let's see what the Pixii can do. You have use of the perfect lens so I say 'Carpe Diem'!

Yes, review the Pixxi.

We are always interested in your opinion of 'Things Photographic' Mike.
Go for it!
If nothing else, it means you will publish some comparison shots.

I'd be interested in seeing your take on the Pixii.

Oh, yes you should.
I won't buy it until they make a full frame version, but so many people trashes it for being something it isn't.
If anyone can review this thing for what it is, it is you.
I am totally baffled that this camera even exists and has reached a second iteration (if I understand correctly).
If you have even the most rudimentary understanding of business and economics, this camera shouldn't even exist.

I’m interested.
I’m also baffled why they are doing APS-C. I would think the development costs for APS-C versus full frame are not that much different, and the development cost will be a much bigger factor than the unit cost in the success of a start up like this.

Yes, please.

Yes! I, for one, would be interested in your take on the Pixii.

I would love to read your thoughts on the Pixii.

Yes, please. Firstly, because the Pixii seems a viable alternative to the hybrid phone-camera discussed a few posts ago (which I would never go for unless it was also a shoe, and that's never going to happen). I'm also curious to see if it cures don't-need-my-camera-because-I-have-my-phone syndrome. I know that doesn't follow, logically, but human behavior isn't very logical, so I figure it could work. Finally, connectivity may well become the next ubiquitous camera feature, so a peek at that future is certainly of interest.

Good luck with the big article.

Of course I'm interested.

It's a great idea to have a modern M mount camera, but the smaller sensor is a non-starter, IMHO. A used SL would be better in every way.



Hi Mike,
Yes, I'd love to see a quick review from you of the Pixii. A Leica M10 is definitely out of reach for me but the Pixii, at what looks like $4000 less, is something to consider.

Should you? Certainly not for me, but I appreciate the offer. Then again, if you get enough thumbs-up, I'll read it and probably enjoy it. As usual, the question in the back of my mind will be "what images can I capture with this new widget that I cannot with my existing devices?

Yes you should. Also see if you can get a YN455 to review to adress the comments on a phone powering a camera.


If you really would enjoy it, just do it. I surely will read it, but then I read everything you write.
I hear that reviews of it are scarce, so it might even increase your visibility.

Zero interest, wouldn't read. Didn't read about M10 R.

You did ask.

Yes please!

Definitely - would love to hear about it.

Yes, please!

Oh my god yes.

Yes, please review it as most of the rest of us won't have the opportunity. And who could we trust more to give a balanced review that probably reflects our general approach to photography.

If there are M-mount, APS-C specific lenses available, then it's a viable camera. Last I checked, the Leica 18mm/3.5 or Zeiss 18mm/4 lenses do not give equivalent function to that of an M-mount 28mm lens on a 24x36 camera. For me: No 28---no interest.

Yes please!

Yes, I would enjoy reading your review for the Pixii rangefinder.

Do it. I’d be interested, Pixxii plays into the phone integration & simple camera stuff you’ve been doing lately.


:) I am interested in it as a possible follow-up to my M 240 should it give up the ghost.

I would be interested to hear your review of the Pixii.

Mind you, could be costly; it was your remarks about the original Fuji X100 that led me down a whole new system pathway.

Definitely interested in a review of the Pixii (think about the CLE while you’re using it).

We’re interested!


Just to satisfy our curiosity!


Yes please!

Yes, please.

An expensive toy camera by a startup company? I'll enjoy reading all your texts about photography, but there are topics that seem much more relevant to me.

What about the GFX50 review you were considering one or two years ago? :)

Unusually, I think, Pixii upgraded physical sensor and various other parts on Hamish Gill’s camera. I don’t think I’ve heard of that with any other digital.
The other unique feature is the black & white DNG RAWs which you probably should test with your well known wish for a digital monochrome.

Pixii ??
The name alone is enough reason to ignore it altogether.

But I am sorta curious.

Yes please

Ideal reading for lovers of lost causes.

Yes please.

I believe that you would regret not reviewing it, the idea of a different take on how the rangefinder works means that you just have to test it.
And looking at how many people want you to test it, the review when you do get to it might make a lot of people read it just for your idiosyncratic thought process.
So I vote for a review and, I also would love to see more of the other cameras that are recent releases reviewed in the same fashion.

E.g. I would love to have your review any of these recent high end cameras, like the Sony A1, Canon R3 or Nikon Z9, to see your take on how these wonder cameras confound and frustrate you.

Yes we can get technical reviews that talk about all the bells and whistles from the likes of DPReview and similar sites but none of them have your wit, style and take on what makes a camera tic.

I was getting interested, but that website is a total disaster, so I gave up

It has an optical viewfinder!

That reason alone is enough to say YES.

Looks like you just got elected, Mike.

My interest was piqued when reading your M10 writings. A start up camera company? Is it available in the UK? I hope you won't hesitate when there is a new film camera to review. :-)

Yes, please do.


Yes, of course, I also am interested but only for curiosities sake. No intention of making a purchase and long ago decided that rangefinder Leica style cameras are not for me even though they can be fun.

I'd be interested - it's a curious thing, and most things I've read focus on the technical. You describe the feel of things very nicely.

Despite the fact that I would love a body for all my M-mount lenses, the Pixii is a non starter for me for so many reasons.

But it has a number of operational strategies, which although they are also non starters for me, you might be able to come up with some interesting insights on them.

Flip a coin?

Yes, yes, yes!

I think it's not so much the camera that makes this different, but the integration with the smartphone app. So a review of the camera would have to include significant use of the app, and an exploration of different ways of using the combination.

As regards the actual image output, I can't help wondering if it would be any better than that obtained from, say, a Fujifilm X outfit - an X-S10 + lenses, for example - for a fraction of the price. Indeed, that might be an interesting comparison, as the key difference between them would be the integration with the smartphone which the Pixii has but the Fujifilm doesn't.

Yes, please.

There's been interesting discussion at the equally interesting Dear Susan website regarding the Pixi:


That said, I'd still be interested in your view of a camera that the universe was forcing you to buy: the Ricoh GR IIIx. Too late for me regarding a purchasing decision (mine arrives in two days), but you might have some refreshing insight.


Yes! Especially after and in comparison with the Leica M.

Doing a review post and a comparison post seems like a no-brainer for picking up bit of extra site traffic.


Please do.

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